Brian Hartline Reminds Us All of That One Time He Set a Franchise Record

By Kevin Harrish on March 20, 2020 at 12:12 pm
Brian Hartline went off.

Brian Hartline had himself a nice NFL career, and he's making sure everybody knows about it.

The current Ohio State receivers coach and former NFL wide receiver took to Twitter to remind us all of that one time he set a franchise record with the Miami Dolphins.

He's right, he wasn't done. He snagged one more pass and finished with 12 catches for 253 yards. But there's probably a convenient reason why he chose that screenshot, because what he doesn't want to tell you is that his team actually lost that game.

Regardless, it was one hell of a performance, and Buckeye Twitter took notice.

Also, there's no way he's just doing this for Twitter clout, because pumping out proof that you went off for 253 yards on 12 catches won't exactly hurt recruiting.

"Did Clemson's wide receivers coach set a franchise record in NFL?"

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