The Best Ohio State Games to Rewatch After Live Sports Were Effectively Canceled

By David Regimbal on March 16, 2020 at 2:50 pm
Former Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliot

Live sports are cancelled.

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted life in a way few of us have ever experienced, and as government and health officials continue to guide us through the storm, sports fans in general are left in a void without their favorite teams suiting up this spring.

The cancelation of the NCAA tournament and spring practice, combined with the postponement of the NBA, MLB and PGA Tour seasons, were brutal but necessary moves. And as most of us settle into these social distancing standards, staying at home without sports becomes even more difficult.

Now is as good a time as any to revisit some classics.

I've taken it upon myself to assemble some of the best Ohio State games and memories for you to revisit. I didn't go too deep into the archives, everything that follows happened since the turn of the century.

Times are tough right now. Settle in and enjoy these gems.

The Game

What better place to start than Ohio State's recent domination over Michigan? 

I found full game videos of the 2018 and 2016 matchups and condensed versions of the 2006 and 2005 games. 

You fondly remember the 2018 game as Meyer's rivalry statement, when his Buckeyes dropped 62 points on the top-ranked Wolverines defense.

The 2016 showdown was a battle for a playoff spot and was highlighted by Curtis Samuel ripping Michigan's heart out in a double-overtime walkoff winner.

The 2006 matchup went down as one of the most hyped and important games in the rivalry's history, as No. 1 Ohio State won the 42-39 shootout over No. 2 Michigan.

One year before, Troy Smith was putting his wizardry and domination over Michigan on full display in Ann Arbor, erasing a 21-12 deficit with under seven minutes to play.

The Crazy Finishes

On the road at Penn State in 2018, Ohio State faced a a 26-14 deficit midway through the fourth quarter when Dwayne Haskins took over.

The year before, J.T. Barrett put together his best performance of his collegiate career when he completed his last 16 pass attempts to erase a 11-point fourth quarter hole against the Nittany Lions.

In Meyer's first season at Ohio State, the Buckeyes were trailing Purdue by eight points with 47 seconds remaining. Backup quarterback Kenny Guiton needed to guide the offense 61 yards for a touchdown, then cash in on a two-point conversion, to force overtime.

For a lot of people, 2011 was a lost season for Ohio State football. I'd largely agree with that, but we'll always have the last-minute win over Wisconsin.

You could literally choose half the games from Ohio State's 2002 national title season for this group, but I went with the most notable and obvious choice.

The Championship Moments

I'm probably not alone in thinking the 2015 Sugar Bowl between Alabama and Ohio State was the real national title game. Relive the 42-35 win over the Tide, which will live as one of your favorite memories for centurieeeeeeeeeeees.

I of course have to included the trampling of the Ducks.

Ohio State's stunning double overtime winner over Miami in the 2003 National Championship can be rewatched in all of its standard definition glory here.

But goodness are there some fun bowl games to revisit. Was anyone else mortally terrified of facing Jeremiah Masoli and Oregon in 2010 Rose Bowl? Because I certainly was.

My favorite non-title bowl game since 2000 was when Ohio State stuffed Notre Dame in a sizable trash can in the 2006 Fiesta Bowl. I watched this game at a party full of Notre Dame fans and it was just... tremendous content.

The Quick Hitters

Nostalgia shouldn't be limited to full or condensed games. Here are some fun moments to remember, like when former Michigan State coach John L. Smith put his homicidal rage on full display in 2005.

Or how about when Troy Smith turned the Penn State defense inside out in 2006.

Or what about // gestures vaguely // Ted Ginn highlights with early Aughts club music playing in the background!

Here's the one and only pass Ohio State completed in a 17-7 upset over No. 16 Illinois in 2011.

You've reached the Braxton Miller juke section.

Okay I lied, one more full game. Here's No. 5 and national title-hopeful Michigan losing to FCS opponent Appalachian State on its own turf in the 2007 season opener.

Happy viewing, y'all.

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