Ohio State Says It Has “No Expectations” For Chase Young's Suspension Following Report That a Four-Game Suspension Was Expected

By Kevin Harrish on November 9, 2019 at 4:09 pm
Chase Young expects a four-game suspension.

ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit reported on Saturday morning that Ohio State was expecting a four-game suspension for Chase Young following a potential NCAA rules violation, but Ohio State denies having any expectations regarding a suspension length.

Ohio State and Ryan Day were unable to elaborate about Young's suspension following the team's 73-14 win over Maryland, but a team spokesman did say Herbstreit's report was "inaccurate."

"We don’t have any expectations right now regarding numbers of games,” the spokesman said, explaining that the process is “ongoing,” and they’re looking for a resolution “in the near future.”

Herbstreits report said an initial four-game suspension was expected, but Ohio State was "hopeful" that the four-game suspension would be reduced following an appeal.

A four-game suspension would force Young to miss the remainder of the regular season, including games against current No. 4 Penn State and No. 14 Michigan, but others believe it could be fewer.

Attorney Tom Mars, who has worked on a number of eligibility cases on behalf of student athletes (including Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields) and now works as an “Independent Enforcement Advocate” for the NCAA’s Complex Case Unit, told Bruce Feldman of The Athletic he does not expect a lengthy suspension.

"I expect this matter will be resolved very quickly and that the penalty, if any, will be minimal,” Mars told Feldman.

Lettermen Row's Austin Ward reported hearing that a two-game suspension is likely, and that Ohio State will hear one-way or another next week.

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