Social Reactions: A Friday Night Date With Destiny Goes As Smoothly As Expected

By Johnny Ginter on October 19, 2019 at 7:35 am
Ohio State offensive lineman Nicholas Petit-Frere

Let's not do this again. The Friday night thing, I mean.

I kind of get it, I guess. It's an ostensibly unique way to spice up the middle of the Big Ten schedule, and given that Northwestern and Ohio State played each other in the Big Ten title game last year, you've got a potentially sexy revenge angle to exploit.

But in practice it really just kind of sucks and is weird and goofy. Blowouts can be fun, but everything about last night screamed "exhibition game." From BTN's unbelievably weird production choices to the lackadaisical beginning to the game from both teams to the 8:40 pm EST start time to the fact that I very nearly fell asleep in the middle of the 3rd quarter meant that nothing about this 49 point win felt like it had any gravity.

Oh well. Wisconsin is next. Shit is rapidly getting real.





One neat thing about a Friday game is that the rest of the top teams in the country now have a standard to live up to. The Buckeyes might be making moves in the polls come Sunday. Fingers crossed!

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