Paris Johnson, Jack Miller and Jack Sawyer Continue to Troll Michigan on Twitter

By Kevin Harrish on June 12, 2019 at 6:45 pm
Paris Johnson Jr. has words for Michigan commits.

The future Buckeyes aren't waiting till they get to campus to makes sure Michigan knows who daddy is.

Ohio State has absolutely dominated the rivals to the north for pretty much entirety of their lives, going 14-1 over the past 15 years. The future Buckeyes are confident things are going to stay that way – and they have no problems letting the future Wolverines know.

Led by the top commits – five-star offensive tackle Paris Johnson Jr., five-star defensive end Jack Sawyer, and top-two pro style quarterback Jack Miller – the future Buckeyes have mastered the art of trolling the hell out of Michigan before even arriving on campus.

And in a since-deleted Tweet, Miller clapped back at recent Michigan commit J.J. McCarthy's "I used to love them, now I want to kill them," quote with "Revenge tour 2.0" followed by a laughing emoji.

They may be a few months – or over a year, in some cases – from arriving in Columbus, but they aren't going to take a back seat in this rivalry and certainly aren't going to let Michigan commits run their mouths unchecked.

They're fiery, passionate and confident – and we're all on board.

Of course, all that matters is what eventually happens on the field. But given their domination in the prep ranks, you have to like the Buckeyes chances there, too.

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