Videos: Ryan Day, Al Washington Meet with Reporters Before Ohio State Youth Tackling Safety Seminar

By Dan Hope on May 21, 2019 at 8:19 pm

Ohio State hosted approximately 200 youth football coaches for Ryan Day's Youth Tackling Safety Seminar, a free clinic on tackling techniques led by linebackers coach Al Washington, at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center on Tuesday evening.

Before the clinic began, Day and Washington each spent a few minutes with the reporters in attendance to talk about the clinic, while Day also fielded a few questions about how the offseason is going and the transfer movement in and out of the quarterback room.

You can listen to what each of them had to say in the videos above. 

Below, you can watch a pair of short clips from Washington's presentation on Tuesday evening, in which he demonstrated the dip-and-drive technique and profile tackling, with assistance from Ohio State graduate assistants Sean Duggan and Michael Cibene.

Stay tuned with Eleven Warriors for additional coverage from Tuesday's clinic.

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