Urban Meyer Hopes to Remain in Columbus and Stay Involved With Ohio State Even After His Retirement As Head Coach

By Kevin Harrish on December 4, 2018 at 4:45 pm
Urban Meyer plans to stay at Ohio State.

Urban Meyer's time as Ohio State's head football coach is coming to a close, but that doesn't mean he's stepping away from the program.

Both Meyer and athletic director Gene Smith discussed the possibility of Meyer remaining at Ohio State in some capacity to help out the athletic program.

"I support Urban in his desire to step aside as our head coach and contribute to Buckeye Nation in a different way in the years ahead," Smith said in his opening statement, also mentioning he hopes his wife, Shelley Meyer, remains an adjunct professor at Ohio State.

Meyer did not go into details about how he might contribute, but he did express a desire to stay involved with the university and the program.

"God has a plan," Meyer said. "I'm not quite sure what it is. Gene and I are extremely close, and we discussed that. And I hope to stay involved."

“I hope to somehow have an impact on our student-athletes and be involved in this athletic department and this great university.”– Urban Meyer

One key to Meyer's desire to remain involved at Ohio State is that relationship with Smith, which he described as "over the top." He even joked he's still going to call him "boss," even after retirement.

But more than that, Meyer simply loves Ohio State, and wants to do whatever he can to ensure its success.

"I believe in Ohio State," Meyer said. "I believe in the spirit when you walk around this campus. I believe in Buckeye Nation, because I lived it my entire life. I believe that this is a different place. And I want to help in any way I can. And I believe in our new head coach."

Meyer was born and raised in Ohio, grew up a Buckeye fan, and has no intentions of moving or walking away from that. One way or another, he wants to stick around his home state and help out his beloved university however he can.

"Gene and I have talked about this," Meyer said. "This is, like I told you, this is home. My son's just an hour and a half away in Cincinnati. My two daughters are here. So it's home."

There's no formal plan in place yet – this entire process began less than 48 hours before the announcement and for now, Meyer is still the head coach – but it certainly seems like Meyer will be sticking around Ohio State in some capacity, even if he isn't roaming the sidelines with a headset.

"My relationship with Gene Smith is as real, as real as it can get," Meyer said in his closing remarks. "I hope to somehow have an impact on our student-athletes and be involved in this athletic department and this great university."

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