The 2018 11W Top Play Poll: Week 9 - Nebraska

By Kyle Jones on November 7, 2018 at 5:30 pm
Will Special Teams take the crown two weeks in a row? Vote now for Ohio State's Top Play last weekend against the Huskers:

Special teams are all the rage these days in Columbus.

After a season in which the Buckeyes struggled to do things like 'kick the ball inbounds' last fall, this year's squad has executed at a high level in the third phase of the game. How do we know? For the first time in the vaunted (two-year) history of the venerable 11W Top Play poll, our most recent winner came on a play involving a kick, as the OSU punt team downed one inside the Purdue 1-yard line.

While surely the lack of other highlights produced by the local team that night in West Lafayette had something to do with that outcome, Ohio State's special teams have a chance to make it two in a row, thanks to the hero wearing a 'K. Jones' jersey who notched the first points for the Black and Scarlet and Gray against the visiting Cornhuskers. Onto the nominees:

Nominee #1) Keandre Jones blocks a punt to put the Buckeyes on the board

The moment all K. Joneses have been waiting for

Nominee #2) Johnnie Dixon's 42-yard catch-and-run for six

Dixon is wide open

Nominee #3) J.K. Dobbins dives into the end zone for the first his three TDs on the day

Dobbins dives in for six

Nominee #4) Dobbins breaks a 42-yard score for himself and closes out the win

Dobbins' third TD of the day
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