Ohio State Football Worth $1.5 Billion, Most in the Country

By D.J. Byrnes on September 21, 2017 at 1:56 pm
Ohio State football worth $1.5 billion.

Football is big business at Ohio State, and business is booming.

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal that cites analysis from Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus associate finance professor Ryan Brewer, the Buckeye football program is valued at a startling $1,510,482,000 — more than any other college football program in the country.

That’s a 59.6% increase in value for a program that was already worth the most nationally according to the study, which analyzes what each team would be worth on the open market if sold like a professional sports franchise.

For comparison, Forbes currently values the net worth of the Cincinnati Bengals at 30th in the NFL with an estimated $1.8 billion evaluation.

Texas ($1.24 billion) and Oklahoma ($1 billion) were the only other schools to break the billion-dollar mark.

The top 10:

1 OHIO STATE 1,510,482,000
2 TEXAS 1,243,124,000
3 OKLAHOMA 1,001,967,00
4 ALABAMA 930,001,000
5 LOUISIANA STATE 910,927,000
6 MICHIGAN 892,951,000
7 NOTRE DAME 856,938,000
8 GEORGIA 822,310,000
9 TENNESSEE 745,640,00
10 AUBURN 724,191,000

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