Twitter Reactions: The End Of An Era

By Johnny Ginter on January 2, 2016 at 8:30 am
Best friends forever

Before I get into the sappy goodbye stuff, let's address this incredible tweet from the actual, official, completely legitimate Notre Dame football feed and bask in its glory:

It's perfect because while the hashtag is nothing new (the first Twitter reference to it goes back at least a few years with the Philadelphia Eagles, as far as I can tell) and has been quoted by the Irish all season as their made-for-repetition-and-easily-t-shirtable phrase, it also brilliantly sums up the Notre Dame attitude toward... well, everything, I guess, but football in particular in this case.

"It really doesn't matter how smart the other guy is, or how 'talented' they are. We're just better. Morally better. And that will always be enough."

Claims that Notre Dame culture is pure enough to overcome any obstacles that it might face might be true in a litigious sense, but on the football field that clearly doesn't hold much water as the Buckeyes whomped the Domers with righteous fury and sent out the winningest class in Ohio State history in style.

So bask in the schadenfreude for a bit, but this post truly belongs to the seniors and juniors who have played their last game in an Ohio State uniform.

It isn't just that they accomplished some truly incredible things, it's that they willed a suddenly shaky Ohio State program back to its feet. Braxton Miller, Chris Fong, Jeff Greene, Joel Hale, Jack Willoughby, Cam Williams, Bryce Haynes, Chase Farris, Jacoby Boren, Cameron Howard, Nick Vannett, Jeffie Johnson, Taylor Decker, Kato Mitchell, Josh Perry, Tommy Schutt, and yes, even Adolphus Washington, you guys have had one hell of a run. Thanks for all the blood, sweat, and tears, but mostly thanks for the memories that you helped millions of people create.

I personally have enjoyed Ohio State football immensely in the last several years, but it hasn't been (just) the wins. It's that I have known, week in and week out, that the Ohio State football team is capable of some truly transcendent and hilariously effective football. When this senior class led Ohio State to those heights, you knew that you were looking at something the likes of which has rarely been seen on a collegiate football field. That's pretty awesome.

So let's get to it; the last Twitter recap of the 2015 Ohio State football season.

Finally, this last tweet says it all. College football is, by necessity, about transition. You love and enjoy a group of players for a short, finite time, and then they're gone, replaced by the next generation of ass-kickers for us to adore. 2016 will not be 2015 or 2014 or 2013 or 2012.

And I can't wait. 

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