53-Year-Old Kerry Coombs Gives a Lesson to Jim Harbaugh on Going Shirtless

By 11W Staff on June 28, 2015 at 10:57 am

Fifty-one-year-old Jim Harbaugh made headlines recently when he unsheathed his #dadbod at a satellite camp in Alabama.

Kerry Coombs won't earn many (national) headlines for removing his shirt (while on a boat, like a normal person) but perhaps he should. Consider the facts here: Kerry Coombs is 53-years-old and looks like he could punch his way through a brick wall.

When Coombs does hang it up from coaching (it looks like he's got another 30 years in him), perhaps he can write a book about the bodily benefits of a 100 percent Red Bull diet. It would probably top the charts of the New York Times best sellers' list.

(And yes, props to whomever created that "Not a Good Day, Buckeyes, a Great Day" shirt featuring three screaming Kerry Coombses. The only valid critique of that shirt is that it doesn't feature more screaming Kerry Coombses.)

Here's your mandatory side-by-side comparison to see who wore their own body better:

Coombs wins this round.
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