Ohio State Spokesman on Possible Braxton Miller NCAA Violation: "We're Looking Into This"

By D.J. Byrnes on March 25, 2015 at 12:37 pm
Braxton Miller

UPDATE (3:16 p.m.): Braxton Miller does not appear concerned about possible ramifications from this, according to the indomitable Tim May of Dispatch.com:

Miller said “it’s all good” with the compliance office. But an OSU athletic department spokesman said the compliance office has yet to issue a statement on whether Miller’s brief photo and name association with the company might constitute an NCAA rules violation.

I. Love. The. Offseason.

UPDATE (1:16 p.m.): Braxton Miller has removed his name from his AdvoCare distribution page, as the company advises doing on its "NCAA Recommendations" page.

Braxton Miller, as anyone with an internet connection and even a passable interest in Ohio State football now knows, had a bit of a lapse in judgement last night when he appeared to endorse Advocare, a weight-loss and nutrition multi-level marketing firm that some people consider a pyramid scheme.

This post was deleted moments ago from the business page of Brandon Oshodon, the trainer pictured with Braxton (and, it's assumed, the man poised to reap all of Braxton's down-line sales):


According to The Lantern's assistant sports editor, James Grega, we now know Ohio State is looking into the situation:

Notre Dame's Cam McDaniel is an example of an athlete who maintained eligibility while hawking AdvoCare products, but he did not use his name, image, or likeness to do so.

On top of deleting the photo from his personal account, Braxton has since removed the distribution link from his Instagram profile.

All things considered, it's not a great look. And of all the ways to settle #QBgeddon, this would be one of the worst.

We'll update this when we know more.

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