Cardale Jones in His Own Words: Ohio State's Newest Quarterback is Still Great on Twitter

By D.J. Byrnes on December 1, 2014 at 11:48 am

Like many of today's student-athletes, Cardale Jones keeps a social media presence. Unlike many of them, however, Cardale Jones gained notoriety with a single, long-ago-deleted tweet:

he'll yeah, cardale

This tweet was so infamous it was literally enshrined as a textbook example for other student-athletes as how not to tweet. Despite it happening over two years ago, offensive lineman Pat Elflein zinged Jones in October. Look at all these people on social media still making jokes about it.

And while I'm sure Cardale would admit he's learned a thing or two about the way the word spins since that moment, I'm glad to see a dumb tweet at 8:43 a.m. on a (likely) cold fall morning and its backlash didn't spur Jones from Twitter forever.

Why? Because, simply put, Cardale Jones is good at Twitter. I should know too, because I spent some time during my adult life today reading and reflecting upon Jones' archive. (Let's just say I shoved all my chips into the middle of the table on behalf of the Cardale Jones Era."

We'll start from the beginning, July 21st, when the latest social media incarnation of Cardale Jones rose from the ashes:

Not the most legendary of starts, but it's something on which we can build.

The latter tweet made me happy, until I realized there is no morning show called "BTW, Good Morning, Columbus" anchored by Cardale Jones. I would watch "BTW, Good Morning Columbus" as anchored by Cardale Jones. I would watch the hell out of it.

Makes u think, Cardale, makes u think for sure.

Like Mark Cuban and Mark Zuckerberg before him, Cardale Jones is the latest industry titan to eschew suits and ties in favor of more casual wear during business meetings. 

All those movies were extremely good. RIP Robin Williams.

What more must be done to get Cardale Jones a reality TV show doing anything he wanted? Boring cartoons like Rob Dyrdek are still earning millions, and yet Cardale Jones doesn't have a billion dollars in his bank account? What am I missing here?

I suppose, however, it'd be better for Cardale's future Hollywood movie if he replaced an injured star and promptly put Ohio State on his back and bulldozed his way to a Big Ten and national title. That'd create equity money can't buy, and would be the sort of power move I'd expect from an operator as smooth as Cardale Jones appears to be.

And for the sake of the record, here are some of Cardale's tweets since picking up J.T. Barret's fallen sword:

Take: One game might not be enough to get Cardale Jones into "the Heisman talk," but damnit, it's not going to stop him from trying to knock down the door.

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