Golf Analyst Peter Kostis Gives Urban Meyer Advice On His Swing

By D.J. Byrnes on June 4, 2014 at 9:07 am

Urban Meyer says he loves to play golf in the off-season. Since Meyer is a legendary perfectionist, it's of no surprise he's unsatisfied with his 7-iron play as of late.

For guidance in fixing his swing, Urban has turned to CBS' Peter Kostis. 

So what were some flaws in his mechanics? Here's the video, courtesy of

Kostis stresses fundamentals are as necessary in football as they are in golf. One problem plaguing Meyer is in his set-up; he's pinching his back leg too much. Meyer's also putting too much weight on his heels. Those two problems are compounding into a major issue before Urban has even begun his back swing.

These problems then lead to a failure to adequately turn his hips; it freezes his midsection and his shoulders are unable to properly turn. The same problem occurs on his down swing. According to Kostis, it's costing him power.

As a finisher and a point of example to emulate, Kostis introduces videos of Ernie Els.

During the long drive challenge at the 2013 Chik-Fil-A Bowl Challenge, Urban finished seventh among coaches.

Here's a GIF from that event; you can see the former professional baseball player coming out in the swing:


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