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Urban's golf swing (Help me Kostis)

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June 2, 2014 at 11:24am

Wasnt sure if this had been posted - Peter Kostis analyzing Urban's swing from Sunday's Memorial broadcast. I also realize this isnt really football related, but he is hitting the ball off of the practice field turf in the end zone!



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He did not come here to play school golf!  Not too shabby though!

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The first thing I thought of though when I saw this was I hope that actually wasn't a 7-iron. He only has 120 yards of the field and then he is putting a golf ball on the baseball field or track. Hopefully there wasn't anyone out there because it looked like he made decent contact.

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A few times back in the early 00s, we used to hit balls off the top of C deck in the North end zone over into South stands  below the scoreboard. It is as fun as it sounds...

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I wonder if Urban's divots are the real reason behind replacing the turf?

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Urban must have been hitting a little knock down 7 as that shot did not get up in the air at all. Had to get it under the wind, yeah let's say that. Golf, what a head game.

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First thing I noticed was he doesn't interlock (over even overlap for that matter) his two hands. For someone who preaches fundamentals so much, he has himself in a touch position to start. Every instructional video out there says it all starts with your grip!

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I'm a pretty good golfer with a pretty terrible grip. You can overcome something like that. For me, it's a bad habit from my youth that has formed too much muscle memory to mess with now. 

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Here is me and the crew at the annual outing


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