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Comment 22 Apr 2015

The Bon Scott era was the only version of AC/DC i saw (5x between '78 and '79).  This is how i remember them!

Comment 16 Apr 2015

Thanks. Forgot to mention that one =-- I've played both courses there. Also, wildfire at the JW Marriott.   I like Grayhawk but of all of the courses i've played out there, it seems like i always run into a really slow round there.

Comment 13 Apr 2015

In my experience, all you have to do is look the part, but act it.  You don't have to be a pro, or scratch golfer, just don't play slow, respect the course, and know and follow the rules.  After that, you should have fun and probably get invited back.

Totally agree.  Also, its important to play the appropriate tees -- don't play beyond your handicap (e.g., if you are a 25, you have no business playing from the tips). 

Comment 13 Apr 2015

Baltusrol - both the upper and lower courses.  On the 18th hole, lower course, there is a plaque where Jack Nicklaus hit a 240 yard 1 iron  on the green in the '67 US Open to seal the win and beat Arnie.  So much history going back over 100 years- 7 US Opens; 2 PGAs (its there again in 2016), 4 US Amateurs.  All the greats played there, going back to Jones and Hagan.

Bethpage Black

Yale Golf Club


Maybe not legendary, but i played a few PGA Tour stops, which were a lot of fun:


Bay Hill

TPC Scottsdale

PGA National Championship Course (Bear Trap)


A couple of my favorite courses, which i wouldnt call legendary, but they are awesome:

Streamsong (Red and Blue) - fantastic place. Two top 100 courses - only open a couple of years. They are building a third.

We Po Ka -- near Phoenix.  Saguaro course is great.

Comment 13 Apr 2015

This looks pretty good -I think you are dead on with the QB analysis

A couple of others that I might sneak in:  Jim Lachey, John Frank, Jim Otis. 

But I can't really find fault with any of your picks.  

Comment 09 Apr 2015

Definitely a great show and a really nice set (Breath, Chloe/Crown, Pilate).  The second Brooklyn show was during the OSU/Iowa game, which was closer than it should have been -- i caught the end of it on my phone while i was in line

Comment 09 Apr 2015

Got to see Pearl Jam at Key Arena in Seattle. Best. Show. Ever.

Which tour?! all of their shows in Seattle are awesome -- i always download Seattle shows (the last show of the 2000 tour is sick).  

Best Pearl Jam show I've seen is probably the third night at the closing of the Philly Spectrum in 2009. And all of the MSG shows have been incredible. 

Comment 08 Apr 2015

I hear ya.  I'm out on these reunion tours.  To me, they just don't sound the same....almost a bit slow.  And for what you pay for them...

I've seen the Stones on nearly every tour since '78 and at this point, its just about nostalgia. They havent put out any decent new music in 15 years (and the standard of excellence they achieved in the 70s started to fall off in the 80s). Only reason I've seen any recent tours was because tickets fell in my lap - i did enjoy the last show i saw in Newark (last one I saw featured a bunch of guests - Springsteen, Black Keys, Ga Ga, John Mayer, plus Mick Taylor played on Midnight Rambler) .

Except for Pearl Jam.  They still bring it.

Now you are talking!  They remain one of the very best live bands you will ever see.  Different show every night -- i always try to catch multiple shows.  I caught both of their Brooklyn shows in 2013 - got to hear Oceans and Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns. 

Comment 05 Apr 2015

ok, so ill just say that Corny Greene was a baaaad mother f**Ker!

Comment 02 Apr 2015

AZ - thanks for the info. Can you tell us when Demario McCall commits?

Comment 31 Mar 2015

yep -  I'm itching to get out this weekend on the golf course and have been checking the weather daily. And, I have been re-watching Game of Thrones in anticipation of the new season.  These are two of my favorite things!

Comment 30 Mar 2015

Reminds me of the OSU-NW football game a couple of years ago! (last second defensive TD causes $100 million swing)


Comment 30 Mar 2015

This is a great off-season thread! Its a pretty broad spectrum of shows, covering 30-40 years!  I've been wearing out the upvotes!

It also reminded me of a few  I missed (like many on here who have been going to shows since the 70s, ive been to hundreds of them) -

Deep Purple - Richfield 1985, 87 - The Made in Japan lineup gets back together for an amazing couple of years and two great tours

GNR - Rupp Arena 1991 -- early part of the Use your Illusion tour (the albums hadnt been released yet).  Axel didnt think a couple in the front row was showing enough enthusiasm, so he asked how much they paid for the tickets, paid them and threw them out. He then gave those tickets to a couple of people the roadies brought down from the nose bleeds!

AC/DC & Cheap Trick 1978 - Vets. This was  a wild show. First, Cheap Trick was touring off of Heaven Tonight and hadnt broken out yet-- they were incredible and i got hooked that night. AC/DC was touring off of Powerage and was hitting their stride. At one point, the crowd had massed to the front and Bon Scott told everyone that there was plenty of room in the orchestra pit.  So a bunch of people poured into the pit and hung on the stage.  During Rock n Roll Damnation, security came on stage, sprayed mace on the people in the pit, and threw them out.  Bon Scott got inches from one of the guard's face-- screaming the lyrics at him.  Angus poked the other guard with his guitar and the guards left the stage.  I had front row tickets so i had a good view of it.  Later, before the encore, Vets turned on the house lights. Bon came out and yelled "turn off the f++kin lights!"  and the band came out and played some more. This was broadcast live on qfm96

AC/DC & UFO - 1979 - Fairgrounds coliseum

Rush - '78 Vets (Farewell to Kings); '79 St Johns Arena (Hemispheres); '80 St Johns Arena (Permanent Waves). Rush was huge in Columbus early in their career (probably a spill over from their early breakout in Cleveland). 

Black Sabbath w/Dio 1980

The Kinks  w/John Mellencamp (Johnny Cougar at that time) 1980 - Vets

Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan w/Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers 1986 - Akron Rubber Bowl.  Might not have been the best Dead show, but it was still pretty cool to see them all together.  Tom Petty backed Dylan, and they traded off much like his earlier tours with the Band.  Dylan jammed with the Dead for about 30 min to start the Dead's set.

A bunch of Pearl Jam shows (surprised they dont get more mention in this thread-- they are truly one of the best live bands I've seen.  They mix up the sets every night and really put it out there).  All of the MSG shows ive seen were great, the Philly shows in 2009 where they tried to play everything they knew over 4 nights to close down the Spectrum; and a special charity show i saw at the Beacon Theater in NY - 100 year old former vaudeville theater. Got an acoustic set to start the show.

A bunch of Allman Brothers shows at the Beacon (another band that is legendary on the road).  The 40th anniversary run was amazing - special guest each night.  My favorites were:  3/19/09 & 3/20/09 with Clapton; the 40th anniversary show where they played the first two albums in a succession; 3.23.09 with John Bell and Jimmy Herring from Widespread Panic; 3/12/09 with Trey Anastasio and Page McConnell from Phish; 3/28/09 with Bob Weir and Phil Lesh

Also, the final Allman Brothers show at the Beacon this year was unreal - played 3 sets - ended at 1:30 AM with Trouble no More (1st song they ever played)

As others have said - the Pink Floyd shows at the Shoe were great, but in '87, I also caught them at Cleveland Stadium and at that point in the tour, they were opening with Echoes, which was dropped by the time they got to Columbus the following year.  And of course, the Animals show in '77 was better then them all!