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Comment 03 Apr 2014

Urban will get his; its way early.  Someone really smart (Jeremy) said the following the other day, which i think says it all:

"Now, here's the real "concept" I want you to take away from this: Ohio State is not recruiting against Penn State. Ohio State is recruiting against Alabama and Florida State. Penn State is making a lot of noise right now, but these things have a way of leveling off (See: Michigan, University of, 2012-2013.) I know I've said it before, but I feel at this point it's imperative to reiterate: trust Urban Meyer, and trust his staff. Follow the plan."



Comment 13 Mar 2014

This seems like a typical 2014 Buckeye game -- sloppy, make a run, give points back, make poor decisions, make it closer than it should be.   This has been a frustrating team to watch.  I've been hoping that Thad pulls out his usual Big Ten tourney magic and the Bucks make a nice run; its not too late, but I wont be surprised if it doesnt happen. 

Comment 03 Mar 2014

Mortal Combat




Missile Command (good choice DWCbuckeye)

Whatever the name of the NBA basketball arcade game they used to have in the Ohio Union in the mid-80s!

Comment 28 Jan 2014

This x1000!

I know what you're all thinking: "Jeremy, are you setting us up for a disappointment with Jamarco Jones?"

No, I am not. I mean, yes, maybe I am? Maybe I am asking you to prepare yourself for that possibility so that if it were to occur every Buckeye fan reading this will handle themselves appropriately via social media and other avenues? Simply put, don't be that guy. You know, the guy who embarrasses himself and the team he "represents" by calling out a teenager on Twitter? Yeah, him.



Comment 22 Jan 2014

I hope Marcus gets the help he needs. I'm not sure cutting him loose is the right thing to do here (but obviously, i dont have all of the facts). I do hope that people read this interview and remember that this is someone's son before making any nasty comments. I know i did a lot of dumb things when I was younger - i just didnt do them under a microscope.

Comment 14 Jan 2014

Yes!  that one was awesome. His take on the Sugar Bowl was another good one


Comment 09 Jan 2014

Good luck to Vrabel!

Now, lets clean house.

Lets bring in Pepper Johnson!  Great Buckeye - NFL coach since 2000. Super Bowl rings as a player and coach. He has coached the DL before.


Comment 05 Jan 2014

Sometimes you have to make change for the sake of change. Guys with much more impressive resumes than Luke Fickell have found themselves forced to leave an employer after many years of service because things aren’t working out.

Great article and i couldnt agree more with this quote.  Not saying Fickell is a bad guy and I wish him luck but not sure that simply replacing Withers is going to fix things.


Comment 27 Dec 2013

I think Art claimed it was Earle Bruce taking him to the track that started him off on his gambling addiction

Comment 22 Dec 2013

Lots of scarlet - ton of OSU fans. But once ND took the lead late, the ND fans got vocal and there were more of them than i had thought.  If i had to guess, i'd say 60/40 OSU (possibly 70/30).

Comment 17 Dec 2013

Urban can definitely close! Remember when, very early in recruiting season, TTUN was rated 1 or 2, Hand was a sure thing for them, and the Buckeyes were supposedly behind?  Too lazy to dig up some of those panic posts but never count Urban out!