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Comment 31 Jul 2015

"Do you have any special adjective for your opponent, your rival?" the reporter quipped.

"Uh, no. Ohio State in particular? Just Ohio State," Harbaugh said Friday at Big Ten Media Days. "But great to see everybody this morning. Glad everybody could be here. Wonderful turnout."

Hoke looked foolish for producing a lot of trash talk and contrived nonsense (e.g., they are "ohio" to me) and not producing on the field.  I respect Harbaugh's approach. 

Comment 18 Jul 2015

Sad but true, New York. You've enumerated the numerous reasons why after the 1969 debacle in Ann Arbor, Ohio State gained a bad rep of not being able to win the big ones.  And in the 1990s Cooper could not even beat Michigan.  It would take Tressel over 30 years later to carry the Buckeye torch onward.

Yep - realistically, should have had at least 4 titles from '68-75. And 1-2 during the Cooper years.  Even if you only look at opportunities lost at the last game of the season, rather than the '73 tie or any Cooper loss (i.e., all the Bucks had to do was win the last game of the season) we are still talking about '69, '70, '75, '79, '06 and '07.

Comment 17 Jul 2015

1. '96 TTUN - we would have won a natty

2.  '98 MSU - we would have won a natty

3.  '07 UF - we would have won a natty

4.  '09 LSU - we would have won a natty

Here are a few more for your list:

1969 - UM - would have won a NC

1970 - Stanford- Would have won a NC

1973 - UM tie - would have won a NC

1976- UCLA  - would have won a NC

1979 - USC - would have won a NC (though we were underdogs in that one)

Comment 17 Jul 2015

Most memorable in person: Last year's title game against Oregon. 

Runners up (in person):  Michigan wins in '74 and '82.  the 1985 upset of no 1 Iowa. 

Runners up (TV):  2002 National Championship.  last year's Sugar Bowl. The Big Ten Championship pasting of Wisky. All of Tressel's wins against UM.

Most disappointing (TV or live):  1998 MSU.  1976 Rose Bowl. BCS title loss to Urban.  All of Cooper's UM losses.

Comment 13 Jul 2015

i have not been bitten. I've heard a few rattles, which definitely  gets your attention.  All i know is that when i play golf in Arizona, i lose a few more balls than usual because if it goes in the scrub, i'm not looking for it!

Comment 11 Jul 2015

I have a 9-year old daughter and these staples of her diet are always around and are awesome

Comment 10 Jul 2015


From this article:


The Holy Roller

When the Raiders scored on the game's final play to beat AFC West rival San Diego 21-20 on Sept. 10, 1978, Oakland play-by-play announcer Bill King said, "There's nothing real in the world anymore."

The Raiders had the ball at the Chargers 14-yard line with 10 seconds to play. San Diego linebacker Woodrow Lowe, another former Alabama star, appeared to have Stabler, who'd thrown for 307 yards, going down for a sack to win the game for the Chargers, but the quarterback managed to "fumble" the ball forward in the direction of Oakland fullback Pete Banaszak. Banaszak got his hands on the ball just long enough to flip it forward. Oakland tight end Dave Casper kicked the ball into the end zone, where he fell on it for the game-winning touchdown.

After the season, the NFL changed its rules to prevent a re-occurrence of the Holy Roller, or, as it became known in San Diego, the "Immaculate Deception."