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Comment 09 Mar 2017

I've always been a huge Thad supporter (i guess it comes from growing up with the last few Taylor years and Eldon Miller).  I am, however, a bit baffled by the lack of heart/effort/decent foul shooting that seems to be the hallmark of recent Matta teams. And more importantly, its a bit disturbing to see the lack of ownership for those issues from the head coach.  I was also disappointed by the way he threw the Giddens/Harris/Mitchel/Granderstaff class under the bus.  

As we were reminded in today's skull session, this is what he said:

Number one, I'm tired of the B.S. I'm going to coach basketball. I'm going back to running this program the way we did when we got here.

The second thing is, some of you are going to transfer. You don't know it yet, but whatever you do—don't come see me. Just shoot me a text, because I'm tired of looking at you.

And we got rid of some guys we needed to get rid of. We got rid of problems, but we kept solutions.

Thad has to take ownership over that class. I think it was bad form on Thad's part to call them out publicly (I don't care if it was at an event where he didnt expect his comments to get out, if that was the case - he shouldnt have said it).  Losing 4/5 of any class, let alone a highly-rated class, is a complete failure on the coach's part.

Comment 25 Jan 2017

Probably. The golf equipment division was never profitable. Even with Tiger's monster brand power, the clubs were viewed as inferior. In my opinion, they were inferior until the last 2-3 years. Maybe better timing would have helped, but golf popularity had a big boom when Tiger burst onto the scene, but has declined ever since. Nike didn't devote the resources in the early years when golf was booming. 

I agree. Nike was in it to dominate and they never gained a significant market share of golf equipment. And that includes Tiger's peak years (and Rory's as well).  

Comment 13 Jan 2017

Notwithstanding OSU's long history, the Bucks didnt really embrace the passing game in any meaningful manner until 1979 (post Woody).-- plus, for a long time college teams only played 9 or 10 games . Nevertheless, college teams have been playing at least 11 games since the 70s and it shouldnt be that rare for a team with a solid offense, particularly in a 13-14 game season.  

Comment 13 Jan 2017

How many 1000 yard receivers are there in the history of Ohio State football?

Michael Jenkins 2002

David Boston 1998 

Terry Glenn 1995

Cris Carter 1986

Closest an Urban-led team had to getting one was Samuel this year with 865 yards, followed by Thomas in 2014 with 799

Boston has the best at 1435 with Glenn at 1411

Carter was 50 yards short of doing it twice. Jenkins missed it by 12 yards in 2001. Boston missed a second one by 30 yards. Robiskie and Sanzenbacher were within 100 yards of it in 2007 and 2010, respectively. Galloway had 946 in 1993.

Fun fact: Hopalong Cassady led the 1954 National Champs with 12 catches for 137 yards!

Comment 12 Jan 2017

Totally off topic and apologies but how underrated is Will Arnette?

Totally agree.

Anyone watch "the Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret?"  

WARNING - Very NSFW (language)

Comment 01 Jan 2017

To sum up - if we look at games, like tonight's Fiesta Bowl, where we looked at outmatched, I'd probably trim the list to the following:

1. 0-31 Clemson Fiesta Bowl (Urban's only entry here)

2. 2007 NCG - blowout against Florida (Tress with 3 entries)

3. 2008 3-35 loss to USC

4.2004; 7-33 loss to Iowa

5.1999: 17-42 Wisc (tempted to add a couple of more of those losses from that year) Coop with at least 6)

6, 1994 14-64 PSU

7. 1993 0-28 UM

8. 1991  3-31 UM

9. 1989 3-42 USC

10. 1988 10-42 Pitt

11.1988 7-41 IU

12: 1987 10-31 IU (earle with 2, but an honorable mention)

13. 1986 7-40 washington

14 1976 0-22 UM (woody with 2, but a few honorable mentions)

15: 1976 10-23 UCLA Rose bowl

Honorable Mention:

0-19 PSU 1978

0-17 UCLA 1980

12-24 Mich 1969

17-27 Stan 1971 Rose Bowl

All in all, a rare blow out, (though less rare for a few bleak years in the late 80s)

Comment 01 Jan 2017

Its been a while since we have witnessed a game where the other team simply looked stronger and better and we were never really in it (thought is suppose when it was 10-0 for most of first half, one successful TD drive might have made it interesting   - I know, it would have been 31-6 (definitively  missed the extra point).

In watching OSU football since 1971,the real ugly games, where we were blown out or never looked like we could contend are few and far between, but they are out there:

1. Florida debacle 2007 NCG

2. 2017 Clemson beat down (jeez, our best game against Clemson involved a 2 point loss and a brawl that started when woody punched an opposing player)

3. 2008 NCG LSU - not such a demolition (we lost by 14 and out-gained LSU, but it was a back-to-back loss in the spotlight and LSU got most of their points in bunches in 2nd qtr

4. 2008 3-35 loss to USC (felt like we didnt show up)

5. 2004 -  loss at Northwestern . Had never seen that happen and haven't seen it since. Not a blow out, but still . ..wtf?!

6. 2004 -7-33 loss at Iowa

7. Coops last year -- 1999 - lots to choose from:

17-42 loss to Wisconsin 7-23 to MSU, 20-46 to Illinois. we seemed to be in the Mich game, losing a close one

8. 1994 14-63 against PSU - one of the worst beatings i've ever seen us take

9. 1993 capped off an undefeated season that featured a 14-14 tie at Wisconsin with a 0-28 shut out to Michigan

10 , 1991 - 3-31 loss at michigan. 

11. 1990 -aah that was a fun year.  Rain out game against USC where we quit with 2 minutes to go (Officials: "weather is getting nasty - we should go inside and then finish the game when it clears;  Coop:  "I'm going for 2 but if we don't make it, we can end the game now" followed up by an annual loss to Illinois by 11 points (not really the type of game i'm taking about, but unpleasant none-the-less) But we do have to mention the 11-23 loss to AIr Force in the Liberty bowl -- a new low. We seemed to be sleep walking and never really made it a game against an inferior opponent.  

12. 1989 - 3-42 to Todd Marinovich and USC

13: 1988 - wait for it .. . .10-42 loss to Pitt . .. wait ..there is more .. ..7-41 loss to IU (darkest day part IV)

14 1987 - Earle gave use some stinkers too!  10-31 loss to IU (darkest day part I) - lost 3 in a row to MSU, WIsc, and Iowa to get fired before his come back at Ann Arbor

15 - more mediocrity  from Earle. Follows 6 point loss to Bama in kick off classic by getting destroyed 7-40 at Washginton.   Didn't take his annual 3rd loss until the Michigan game. 

16. I mention 1984 to illustrate's Earle's mediocrity - no real stinkers that would make this list - all close losses.  But the most talented OSU team in a long time, which could have been one of our best, and we lose to Purdue, Wisconsin and the Rose Bowl (i believed we were favored in all three).  For the roster, just check the NFL and, in some cases, the NFL Hall of Fame

17 - 1980 - high hopes to win a Natty were dashed early - 0-17 to UCLA at home, Had to wait until the last 2 games of the season to meet the requisite earle bruce 3 loss annual mark (19-31 loss in Fiesta Bowl to PSU, where we didn't score in second half was a bit embarrassing; one of the coaches apparently made adjustments)

18. Woody -- probably need to go back to the 50s and I'm getting tired.  End of career - not good against UM - 0-22 in 1976 and, in fact, suffered losses in 1977 and 78 where he never scored a TD (3-14; 6-14).  '78 Orange Bowl got clocked by Bama 35-6, USC gave us a beating in the 73 game (17-42)  but we returned the favor the next year (42-21). '76 Rose Bowl was supposed to be a wire-to -wire coronation natty over a UCLA team we manhandled earlier in the year , but ended up losing 10-23 and seemed worse.  I suppose 1969 Michigan and the 1971 Rose Bowl qualify as well. 

Comment 31 Dec 2016

Well, I think we now know that Pete Thamel's criticism was warranted!


So tired of that Zone 6/twitter nonsense from Zach Smith.

And couldn't agree more with Ramzy -- need coaches who can both recruit and coach.  The concepts should not be mutually exclusive. 

In any event, no excuses, we got whupped!  And I look forward to next year; I am sure that Urban will make the appropriate corrections.  

Comment 31 Dec 2016

Don Lamka

oct 2, 1971 vs Cal

OSU 35 Cal 3

I had to look it up - i had always though it was Greg Hare because he was the QB i remember from that year


Comment 31 Dec 2016

Can't wait to hear Harbaugh complain about the non-call on the offsides on the last play!

Comment 21 Dec 2016

He is not too far off. And i think that its a testament to the coaches and the team that they got to the playoffs with those weaknesses. And I am sure we will see dramatic improvements in some of those areas in the playoffs. Team is young and played hard - had some growing pains at the offensive line at times.  I think its certainly true that the WRs underachieved for the most part.  I wouldn't call Weber pedestrian, but point taken that he has not (yet) shown break away skills (it will come and we was very very solid this year, providing tough yards at key points).