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Comment 3 minutes ago

The Bucks continue the trend with games against Texas, ND, Oklahoma, TCU, Oregon in the future.

Interesting to see what some of the others in  the big ten are doing:

UM - Very respectable - 2017: Florida, Cinn, Air Force.  2018: ND, SMU.  2019 Army, ND.  2020 Washington, Ball State and Va Tech (Va Tech plays PSU, UM, East Carolina and Liberty in 2020)   Future UM oponents after 2020 include UCLA, Texas and Oklahoma

PSU -pretty weak in the near term, but picks up later on: 2017:  Akron, Pitt, Georgia State.   2018 Appalachian State, Pittt, Kent State.   2019: Idaho, Buffalo, Pitt  They do schedule Va Tech in 2020 and Auburn in 2021 and 2022 

Wisky: I give them a C at best and 2019 is a D.  2017 Utah State, Florida Atlantic, BYU.  2018 WKU, New Mexico and BYU; 2019 USF, Central Michigan, North Texas. Future opponents after 2019 include Syracuse and Washington State

Sparty: generally pretty solid, but not at OSU or UM level. 2017 Bowling Green, Western Mich, ND.  2018: ASU and Central Michigan.  2019.  Western Michigan and ASU.  2020 BYU, Miami (Fl). After 2020, oppontents include ND, Boise State and Miami, FL

Comment 04 Dec 2016

some version of this.  We stay at 2 or drop to 3.   PSU jumps Washington, but likely  Wash stays.   

I don't think we drop out or go to 4

Comment 27 Nov 2016

I remember those last three years of Woody's career ('76-78) -- got beat badly in '76 but '77 and '78 should have been OSU wins. Just couldn't get TDs in those games.  In fact, the Bucks scored 9 points in 3 years!  "77 for sure was a puzzling game.  Thanks for the Woody quote!

Comment 27 Nov 2016

Lloyd Carr 1995–2007 6–7 .462

Boy - Tress really did a number on Lloyd.  

Carr started out strong, continuing the dominance over coop, and then Tress took him to the woodshed!

Comment 26 Nov 2016

Hard to put them in order, but probably have to go with 2002.

This one is up there and may get elevated if the Bucks make a run in the playoffs.

Other favorites:

1975  - OSU comeback in Ann Arbor to cap a perfect regular season

1979 - first OSU win in 3 years - big win in Ann Arbor to propel them to the Rose Bowl to play for NC

1972 - slugfest with multiple goal line stands by OSU

1974 - down 10-0, tom klaban kicks 4 field goals to give the Bucks the win 12-10

2004 - I don't think many gave OSU a chance and Troy Smith took over and gave UM a beating. 

2005 - breaking Lloyd's heart at the end of the game

2006 - 1 v 2; great cap to Troy's 3 game run against UM

1987 - the Earle game

1982 - shut down Anthony Carter to give the Bucks a solid win at home

2015 - I really enjoyed that ass kicking last year in Ann Arbor! 

Comment 22 Nov 2016

Troy Smith career stats against UM



386 yards total offense. 2 passing TDs and 1 rush TDs


331 yards total offense; 1 passing TD and 1 rush TD (and a great comeback)


338 yards total offense; 4 passing TDs

Comment 21 Nov 2016

 In multiple games, JT has stared down receivers and thrown bone headed iNT's.

Umm - JT has thrown 4 interceptions all year  (with 24 tds) - so "bone headed INTS" not exactly an issue this year.   He hasnt thrown a pick since the Wisconsin game.