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Comment 25 Jun 2017

Growing up, Street & Smith's was my to-go. Its covers featuring players sans facemasks are classics.

That brings back memories - Champ Hensen!  He definitely scored in '74 against MSU! (we got robbed)

And I'll go ahead and say it:  look at those gray stripes on the sleeves! 

Comment 23 May 2017

Interesting stat - Usually these match play events are pretty close, but Arizona State is absolutely crushing Florida. The Sun Devils lead all 5 matches, with two matches already dormie (one is 5-up with 5 to play, the other is 6-up with 6 to play).

Saw that - definitely, pretty rare to see that domination in match play

Looks like the OSU match is going to be tight until the end (though Porvasnik seems to have her match in hand).

Comment 11 May 2017

Corny Greene.  Easily one of, if not the most over looked buckeye legend in OSU history.  Cool to see him on top of this list.   

Couldn't agree more-- one of the greats for sure. Loved those teams:  Corny, Pete, Archie, Neal Colzie.  I grew up watching those Buckeye teams (my Dad worked at OSU so i went to nearly every home game from '73-'75).  Corny was the man!!

Here is a nice piece from a reputable site (mentions the "Flam 7" personalized license plate!)




Here are some highlights from the '75 UCLA game (video is a mess, but forward about 45 seconds in to see a few highlights)

Comment 29 Apr 2017

UM only had 2 players go in the 1st round. They had 4 go in the 3rd round. We both have had 6 players picked.

Thats right -- can't count the Western Michigan guy!

Comment 11 Apr 2017

5-2-5? I guess that's one way to get a 5th D lineman on the field. But who's counting?

Comment 09 Mar 2017

I've always been a huge Thad supporter (i guess it comes from growing up with the last few Taylor years and Eldon Miller).  I am, however, a bit baffled by the lack of heart/effort/decent foul shooting that seems to be the hallmark of recent Matta teams. And more importantly, its a bit disturbing to see the lack of ownership for those issues from the head coach.  I was also disappointed by the way he threw the Giddens/Harris/Mitchel/Granderstaff class under the bus.  

As we were reminded in today's skull session, this is what he said:

Number one, I'm tired of the B.S. I'm going to coach basketball. I'm going back to running this program the way we did when we got here.

The second thing is, some of you are going to transfer. You don't know it yet, but whatever you do—don't come see me. Just shoot me a text, because I'm tired of looking at you.

And we got rid of some guys we needed to get rid of. We got rid of problems, but we kept solutions.

Thad has to take ownership over that class. I think it was bad form on Thad's part to call them out publicly (I don't care if it was at an event where he didnt expect his comments to get out, if that was the case - he shouldnt have said it).  Losing 4/5 of any class, let alone a highly-rated class, is a complete failure on the coach's part.

Comment 25 Jan 2017

Probably. The golf equipment division was never profitable. Even with Tiger's monster brand power, the clubs were viewed as inferior. In my opinion, they were inferior until the last 2-3 years. Maybe better timing would have helped, but golf popularity had a big boom when Tiger burst onto the scene, but has declined ever since. Nike didn't devote the resources in the early years when golf was booming. 

I agree. Nike was in it to dominate and they never gained a significant market share of golf equipment. And that includes Tiger's peak years (and Rory's as well).