A.J. Hawk Presided Over the Wedding of a Green Bay Packers Employee

By Jason Priestas on April 9, 2014 at 11:57 am

Add wedding official to A.J. Hawk's long list of skills.

On a Saturday in March, the Green Bay linebacker presided over the wedding of Nate Weir, assistant athletic trainer for the Packers. MMQB has the story:

Hawk, whose day job is an inside linebacker for Green Bay, assured the wedding guests that he is fully licensed by the state. “And the all-powerful Internet!” He registered with an online ministry to become an ordained minister four years ago, with the idea of performing weddings for family members. To Hawk, Weir is one of those friends who feels like family.

Seriously, though. Is there anything A.J Hawk cannot do?

[H/T @AarKBee]

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