Clemson Celebrates 2014 Orange Bowl Win Over Buckeyes With Commemorative Headstone

By Nicholas Jervey on March 5, 2014 at 5:21 pm

In the excitement over the beginning of spring camp and the accompanying media blitz, it's easy to forget Ohio State lost the 2014 Orange Bowl to Clemson two months ago. But Clemson hasn't.

Perhaps giving the Buckeyes a receipt for vandalizing Thomas Green Clemson's statue before the Orange Bowl, the Tigers marked the 40-35 win with a headstone commemorating OSU's painful defeat.

It joins a number of other headstones in The Graveyard, a site between Clemson's practice field and the Jervey Athletic Center, where the Tigers have erected 20 other headstones for historic wins over ranked teams they considered special.

It's good to know Clemson thinks the 2013 Buckeyes were a special team. Now wait for the zombie uprising, assholes.

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