A Look at Ohio State's New Basketball Court for the 2018-19 Basketball Seasons

By Kevin Harrish on October 11, 2018 at 4:32 pm
Looking good!

Ohio State's court revamp is official.

When the Buckeyes take the court in November, they'll be stepping onto a new-look hardwood.

Ohio State renovated that basketball court at Value City Arena this offseason, and sought input from fans with 10 initial court designs shared on social media. From the video below, you can get a peek at the design Ohio State ultimately chose.

"The design was actually a little different this year," said Michael Hollon, the conversion manager at the Schottenstein Center. "They did a fan vote, so they had a few different designs and they kind of sent it out on social media and let everybody vote on it."

The finished product looks slightly different than any of the four finalists Ohio State announced in April, seeming to borrow elements from each of them.

"The university obviously has to make sure everything is approved and allowed to be used, obviously," Hollon said. "There were several different departments that were involved in that, as well."

The Buckeyes are also getting some new hoops installed before the start of the season, as the previous ones were seven or eight years old and in need of retirement.

We'll get our first real look at the court on Nov. 1 when Ohio State hosts UNC Pembroke in a preseason exhibition at 7 p.m.

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