11W Community Interview: Four-Star Shooting Guard Austin Grandstaff

By Jeremy Birmingham on August 24, 2014 at 11:15 am

The 11W Community Interview is truly of the people, by the people, and for the people. You submit the questions, vote on them, and then we pass the top ones on to the biggest names in the world of Ohio State athletics.

When he became the third member of Ohio State's lauded 2015 basketball recruiting class, Austin Grandstaff pulled no punches as to why. "I just loved the people there," the Rockwall, Texas product told Eleven Warriors in May. "The relationships are great."

The commitment to the Buckeyes was actually Grandstaff's second OSU commitment: he had previously pledged to the Cowboys of Oklahoma State. The 'Pokes loss was the Buckeyes' gain as the free-flowing offensive style employed by Thad Matta caught Grandstaff's eye.

"We really like Coach Matta's style of play, his players seem to play with quite a bit of freedom," Austin's father Wes said. "Austin can push it and make plays off the dribble or he can come off screens. He has a high basketball IQ, knows how to read defenses really well and good with the pick and roll." 

Grandstaff recently turned up in the Buckeye twitterverse, when, following the de-commitment of Mickey Mitchell, he doubled down on Ohio State.

Now he's here to discuss the need for a power forward in his class, embracing the inevitable heartthrobdom, not giving up on Mitchell and more.

How did you enjoy the recruiting process? What is the most interesting thing Ohio State has to offer? - LaBuck

AG: I really enjoyed the recruiting process and having the opportunity to pick my school. That's not something every kid has, so I'm grateful for that chance. The thing Ohio State had to offer was I could come right in and play on a top-level team, the coaching staff, the entire staff, is full of incredible people. Not to mention the fan support at Ohio State is amazing.

If you could pick one guy to finish out the 2015 class with, who would it be? Who are you recruiting the hardest to close out this class? - MH277907

AG: I don't know if there's one player I can think of that I really want to join us at Ohio State, but we need a power forward so someone like Esa Ahmad or Carlton Bragg would be a huge get for us. I probably recruit Esa the hardest of all the guys I've met. He was my roommate at the Kevin Durant Skills Academy so I got a chance to get close with him. I hope he chooses to become a Buckeye.

What attracted you most about Ohio State and what are you most looking forward to once you get on campus? - Killer Nuts

AG: The relationship I have with Coach Matta and the entire staff was the most attractive thing about Ohio State, and like I said the fan-base is amazing too. I'm really looking forward to getting on campus and working my tail off to contribute the best I can as soon as possible. 

Going to college so far from home is a big step. What about OSU made you comfortable enough to leave Texas when many of the local schools were offering you as well? - 703Buckeye

AG: Leaving home will be tough for sure but I didn't have the same feel for those coaches like I did with the coaching staff at Ohio State. I've always wanted to play in the Big 10, it's the best basketball conference in America in my opinion. Going away won't be as hard because it's like family with them in Columbus already.

Most experts thought that Ohio State had no chance to pick you up, and then you took that unofficial and committed on the spot. Going into the visit did you think this would happen? - BuckeyeNationForLife

AG: I really didn't expect to commit when I went up to Columbus. Everything was just perfect though, I didn't see a point in waiting. The city, the people, the facilities; everything was what I was looking for. Its really an amazing place so that's really what it came down to.

How do you feel about the decommitment of Mickey Mitchell? Are you still going to try to get him here? - AB1993

AG:  Mickeys one of my best friends and I still think we have a shot at getting him for sure. I'm still going to recruit him and hope to bring him to Ohio State, but it's his choice and I respect him doing what he needs to do for himself.

What is a typical basketball workout for you? What drills do you do, how long, etc? What is your favorite part about this game? - DubJayFootball90

AG: A typical workout for me is like this: when I get in the gym I go hard for about 45 minutes to an hour then I'll do some form shooting for about 30 minutes, working on shots from all over the floor. My favorite part about basketball is the competition. Nothing feels better than winning and getting buckets.

When was the first time you were recruited by Ohio State and what was the process like for you? - Seattle Linga

AG: I first got recruited by Ohio State around my sophomore year. The process was good, and it was a good experience all around. I was recruited by a lot of schools Ohio State was the right fit, it's where I felt like I really fit in.

I was recruited by a lot of schools Ohio State was the right fit, it's where I felt like I really fit in.

What do you see as your strengths on the court? Has Thad or the staff told you anything particular they want you to work on before arriving on campus? - Killer Nuts

AG: My strengths right now is just making plays, and finding space in the offense. Coach Matta says I just need to stay in the weight room and keep my shot going, and work on defense and that's what I'm working hard to do.

 Are you ready to be the new heart throb of OSU basketball? Have you contacted Aaron Craft for tips on how to survive? - Nutty

AG: (Laughs) Aaron told me it's pretty ridiculous. I guess will just have to see, but I'm looking forward to it. 

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