Austin Grandstaff Becomes Third Member of OSU's 2015 Recruiting Class

By Mike Young on May 4, 2014 at 2:22p

A little over two months after he received an offer, Austin Grandstaff committed to Ohio State on his official visit Sunday.

Grandstaff, on his only scheduled visit, announced his commitment via his Twitter account. Buckeyes assistant coach Jeff Boals confirmed in his usual, cryptic way:

The 6-foot-5-inch, 190 pound guard joins fellow Texan Mickey Mitchell and point guard A.J. Harris as the third member of Thad Matta's 2015 recruiting class. 

"I just loved the people there," Grandstaff told Eleven Warriors. "The relationships are great."

The Austin Grandstaff File

  • Size: 6-5/190
  • Pos: G
  • School: Rockwall (Rockwall, Texas)
  • Composite Rating: ★★★★
  • Composite Rank: 36 (Overall), 5 (SG)

Grandstaff's visit to Columbus included an encounter with former Buckeye point guard Aaron Craft. Grandstaff's father told Eleven Warriors about his son's admiration for Craft.

"Austin likes watching Craft play," Wes Grandstaff said, in February. "They were at the LeBron James Camp together, this year, and we enjoyed watching him play over the last few years." 

Austin re-opened his recruitment after de-committing from Oklahoma State in the early part of February. He shortly received offers from Ohio State, Arizona, Florida, Iowa State, Michigan and Virginia, among others.

What drew him to the Buckeyes is his fit in Thad Matta's system.

"We really like Coach Matta's style of play, his players seem to play with quite a bit of freedom," Wes said. "Austin can push it and make plays off the dribble or he can come off screens. He has a high basketball IQ, knows how to read defenses really well and good with the pick and roll." 

As Austin told, Matta likes his versatility. Austin can play multiple positions, both on-ball or spreading the floor off of it.

"He could use me coming off stagger screens or in ball-screen situations," Austin said. "He said he just needs me to score."

Here is Austin displaying his all-around game in a 51 point effort for his Rockwall High School squad (via @BradBallisLife):




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This should follow every commit from now to the end of time.

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Wait, is that Smooth Jazz?

Crunchy Peanut Butter Bitches.

- Me


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We got our shooter!


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Upvotes to all movie references, especially Happy Gilmore and Caddyshack.

"I hope they're last in everything"

Thanks, Urb!

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lets go bucks!!

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It's disappointing that I can't unsee this.

EDIT: The gif to which I replied used to be Ray Lewis dancing like a moron with a knife in his hand. OK, I made up the second part.

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The return of the Grey Box!

and there was much rejoicing!

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Huge addition to the Team!

Always BuckeyeLuv!

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Does he play football? (Let the downvotes ensue)

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He's not listed on the HS roster for Rockwall.

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Woo-hoo!  It's exciting to get guys who can shoot the ball well.

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Really excited about this news. He looks like an offensive machine. Good job Thad and Jeff.

Remember to get your wolverine spayed or neutered. TBDBITL

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This commitment is about to be a catalyst for more to come. Don't believe me? Look at Elijah Thomas' Twitter right now.

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 Elijah Thomas 


lets go bucks!!

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Huge get, cant wait to see him play. If we can get at least 2 out of 3 of Bragg, Giddens, and Ahmad and hold onto Mitchell this will be one of Thad's top 3 classes ever!

In Urban We Trust

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Thad doin work...this could be a really special class.

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Another Texan too! Gotta think that might help with Mitchell too....


Edit: He says in his interview that they are good friends!

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Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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It'll be nice to have a guard who will shoot 3's from anywhere on the court.  Can't wait !!

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1:15 he hits his free-throw.....SMILE

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lets go bucks!!

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I didn't know Thad was 6'5...

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I absolutely love this commitment, both for Grandstaff as the kind of player we desperately need, and what it means for solidifying Mitchell's commitment. 

2 questions maybe you can answer, Mike Young:

1. Were his parents with him? I see his dad quoted. It's always good to know when an out of state kid commits he has the full backing of his family!

2. How is Grandstaff on defense? He seems much more athletic than Diebler was, so maybe the transition from HS to College won't be as difficult for him on that end of the court.


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His father was with him when he committed.

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Kid has got some Stauskas style to him.  The shot looks almost identical.  I'd be perfectly fine with that.  Shooters are great to have, shooters that can pass and create off the dribble are that much more valuable.  

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Awesome get for the Basketbucks!  Makes losing out on Kennard hurt a whole lot less!

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*Shannon Scott


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Matta & Boals are fabulous recruiters & coaches. Thad has more 2015 recruits than Urban!  Go Buckeyes!

Our honor defend, we will fight to the end !

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When does Daniel Giddens plan to commit?


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Love his game. Can tell he has a high basketball IQ. 

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Matta is on a mission since the end of the season. Great get!!!

Its good to be the king

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WOW!!! Huge commit. Way to go staff. No question a shooter was the biggest team need by far. Especially after Kennard snub. Anyone else notice how much better recruiting has been the last two years? Two years ago we had 11 freshman and sophomores on roster and suddenly Thad couldn't recruit----not! Keep it up Thad!

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Great get for The Bucks. Needed some versatility and a shooter for sure. #notwhitebballpains

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After next year is over and the following season starts the OSU ball roster will be without any seniors. We have a good class of Frosh coming in for 2014-2015, but it's possible Russel and Diop both head to the NBA. That would leave us with a total of 8 players under scholarship for 2015-2016 barring injuries, transfers, or reds shirts along with 0 seniors. I'm hoping VJ King will commit early because 2016 is looking like it will need to be a huge recruiting year for the bucks.

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If Craft is 6-1 dude can't be 6-5

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I thought that after seeing the pic with him & Matta. Does his hair count?

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Is Austin going to be the new #swoon?

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Really good to get a shooter who looks like he can get his own shots. Now, if we can get a brutish big like Elijah Thomas to go with Austin, AJ, Mickey and the VT transfer the '15 class will be a great group of newbies to add to next year's holdovers and the b-ball Buckeyes will be dangerous once again!

BuckWylde, it's more than a name . . . it's the mindset that describes Buckeye Nation!

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Atta boy Thad. Lose Kennard, go get another. We need a shooter like this in our recruting class every 2 years. 

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Can you say "THREEBLER"

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No more "next commit" speculation, right? Sigh.

Great get for the Basketbucks!

Bet you can't say "Bert Bielma is a bumbling buffoon" five times fast.

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This is great news!  Today is a special day!!

Go Bucks!

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He was one of the people really recruiting me to come here.

- Grandstaff on Mickey Mitchell. Awesome news.


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That is great news! I really hope Mickey stills becomes a Buckeye. A great passer (with range, and the ability to finish) is a beautiful to thing to watch.

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I hear he is a tough kid with a high motor, should be a pleasure to watch.


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Great news indeed, just need a Center.... as usual we need a Center.

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Alot of big time players left on the board for 2015 and alot are high on the Buckeyes. Could get an even greater class.

With Grandstaff, Mitchell and Harris already on board. If they can snag Bragg and Daniel Giddens or Elijah Thomas, this could end up being the #1 class in the Nation. I think by the time his senior year is over, Harris will get a bump across the recruiting services. Kid can play but people look at his height and I think that's why some are hesitant to rank him among the top tier guards in 2015.


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Least he honored his OSU commitment.


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We are blessed to have Matta.  Great news!

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I used to be able to paste GIFs here, now I can't. I'm using Chrome, and I also tried in Firefox. No go. Oh well....

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lets go bucks!!

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Thanks, EDR! Still don't understand what my issue is, tho.

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copy by using copy image url then click on the image icon(its next to the table icon, youtube icon and tweet icon), then paste in the empty url spot then hit ok and thats it 

lets go bucks!!

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Couple of questions for the experts:

1. How do Grandstaff and Kennard compare? Seems like they are pretty similar players.

2. How many more do we take in this class? I know that Bragg and Giddens are both priorities, but could we take six? That seems like a lot.

tennbuckeye19's picture

Not an expert, but I'll try to answer.

1.) They are similar players with similar skill sets. Both are 6'5" and both can shoot lights out. From the videos I've seen of them, they are comparable. Kennard is ranked higher and is the more heralded recruit with a bigger offer list including UK, Duke, & UNC. The thing I'm not sure about is their level of competition for their high schools, but they both play AAU ball so they're both going against some of the best players and teams in the country in that regard.

2.) OSU has 3 more spots. Bragg and Giddens are priorities, but don't be surprised if Bragg heads to Kentucky. Esa Ahmad from Shaker Heights is a comparable player and top 100 talent that I would be happy to have in the class. I wonder if picking up the Center transfer from VT Trevor Thompson, who will be eligible next season, will have any bearing on Giddens. 

I'm not sure they take 6 players, but they could. 

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EvanstonBuckeye's picture
+1 HS
OldColumbusTown's picture

I would add that even though OSU could take 6 in the 2015 class, that probably would not be ideal based on some of the available 2016 guys.  V.J. King, Derek Funderburk, Omari Spellman, etc. are all very highly-rated and highly-thought of 2016 recruits in the state of Ohio that OSU would normally push hard to get.  Right now, there are no "juniors" on the roster, so unless someone else leaves there would be hardly any openings for those prospects.

Many give the impression they could see Russell leaving after one year, but I highly doubt that would happen based on his size and position.  He is a combo guard right now who could show off PG skills if given the opportunity, but he won't really get that opportunity his freshman year with Scott still on the roster.  Russell's best chance is maybe to play the PG his sophomore year and use that as a springboard to the NBA.  At 6'4, you will hear many downgrade his NBA prospects as a 2-guard because of his "lack of height."  If he shows off the ability to run a team at the point, his stock goes up considerably.  Unfortunately for him (and fortunately for OSU fans), he'll probably have to wait an extra year for that opportunity.

With all that said, unless someone transfers, fewer openings in 2016 with strong in-state talent = not taking 6 in 2015 and filling up the roster, in my opinion.

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tennbuckeye19's picture

True. Let me think about this out loud...OSU will lose Scott, Thompson, Williams, McDonald, and Lee after this year, leaving 7 players (K. Williams, Loving, T. Thompson, Bell, Diop, Tate, & Russell). Adding 6 for 2015 would make things full at 13. 

So yeah, I agree with what you're saying about taking 6 in 2015 having implications for 2016.

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Today we are Walking on Water-Welcome to the Buckeye Nation " Austin " Go Bucks

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We got the Scarecrow:


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Matta is an amazing recruiter.  That's 26 Top 100 recruits under his watch.   Anyone miss the O'Brien days?   Me either.  Seven years of recruiting and just 7 Top 100 recruits total.  For those keeping track at home (Brian Brown, Brent Darby, Brandon Fuss-Cheatam, Matt Sylvester, Ricardo Billings, Ivan Harris and Jamar Butler).   I honestly wouldn't trade Matta for any coach in the country.    Highly underrated!!

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If 2015 isn't already a preseason top 5 team I don't know what one looks like.  Just need a big man in the 2015 class to round it out.

Deadly Nuts's picture

Daniel Giddens

This team is going to go places...


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We hit this one out of the park!


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