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The Situational: Does It Slap?

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August 3, 2023 at 4:24pm

Estimable 11W readers,

The Situational has been renewed for a 12th season and will appear on Wednesdays soon. Spirits have already been secured for the run, but I'm leaving song requests to the readership this year. Here are the rules:

1) Requests must accompany evidence of a Situational shirt purchase - it can be a receipt, a photo being worn in the wild, reader's choice. If you already have one, congrats - you're eligible.

hey kids looks what's back in stock in all sizes

11W is able to compensate the team which does the real work around here with healthy salaries and benefits primarily through 12W and retail proceeds. So you are not just putting a few dollars in the figurative Situational jukebox, you're supporting actual capital-J Journalism.

Which I cannot stress enough - is not my department. Actual journalism is exhausting.

2) All submissions and song requests should go to ramzy at elevenwarriors dot com. If you request a song that's already been done, I'll let you know and you can submit another.

3) All submissions will be kept anonymous, unshared and uncredited. You have the right to out yourself in comments as long as you're in compliance with 11W commenting policy.

4) If your beloved submission results in a Does Not Slap verdict, you have the right to be offended and have no recourse whatsoever.

Thanks for getting Situational today. Go Bucks. Buy merch.

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