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Comment 01 Dec 2020

We talked about Baker at length today. Stefanski puts him in the safest possible position to avoid turnovers and he generally misses high/out of bounds. Which reminded us of another wily Ohio QB.

Comment 01 Dec 2020

I do remember Jimmy Crum going all in on wanting him fired...   

Crum went off after the 31-3 loss in Ann Arbor and he was saying what so many other people were saying. The problem was he said it on television. Next thing you know Ki-Jana Carter is committing to Penn State, saying he wanted to go to a school where he knew the coaching situation would be stable. Penn State, Tennessee, other schools used this to their advantage in recruiting cycles long afterwards, but Crum started it - when Charles Woodson was in high school.

So yeah, it's what Crum's remembered for. A huge fuckup and total misuse of his platform that cost the program dearly.

Comment 25 Nov 2020

I get them as presents every year and then cherry-pick throughout the winter. Advent compliance is tyranny.

Comment 18 Nov 2020

Forgot to post it last week but we did a show entirely on what the Browns would look like if they only drafted available Buckeyes going back to 2009, without correcting for butterfly effect (e.g. Browns getting better but not forfeiting Browns-like draft position).

Short version: they'd be better. Painful version: Cam Heyward, Joey Bosa and Malcolm Jenkins anchoring the defense for a decade.

Comment 14 Oct 2020

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