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Comment 16 May 2018

But are there pre writes for unreported injuries

There are only three 11W pre-write templates: 1) transfers/coaches we know are leaving 2) recruits/coaches we know are coming 3) Ohio State-Michigan football game recaps

Comment 16 May 2018

Haha I cannot draw a respectable stick-figure. Grant produced that graphic with some wood glue and sorcery for the article.

Comment 09 May 2018

Think you might be referring to this.

It wasn't as if the Hurricanes didn't know what was coming. They were simply powerless to stop it. Smith sacked Dorsey on Miami's first play from scrimmage. The Buckeyes got him three more times and knocked him down on 10 other occasions. (Dorsey, who left the field for one play during the final overtime after a hard hit from Wilhelm, vomited on the Hurricanes' bus after the game and was hospitalized for several hours with dehydration and a possible concussion.) By the middle of the second quarter Miami had abandoned its man-blocking schemes on passing downs and resorted to slide-protection. This was a stunning concession to a defensive line that it could not handle.

Comment 18 Apr 2018

 The prior 3 possessions before JT went down were drives of 4 plays, 3 plays and 3 plays for a total of 9 yards before punting each time.

Leave out the fact that he was literally injured on a 10-yard run, and let's check the rest of your receipts.


Possession right before your cutoff

1st and 10 at OSU 47 | (6:50 - 2nd) Mike Weber run for 2 yds to the OhSt 49

2nd and 8 at OSU 49 | (6:30 - 2nd) J.T. Barrett run for 26 yds to the Mich 25 for a 1ST down

1st and 10 at MICH 25 | (5:54 - 2nd) J.T. Barrett pass complete to Marcus Baugh for 25 yds for a TD, (Sean Nuernberger KICK)

First possession you cite

1st and 10 at OSU 33 | (4:20 - 2nd) J.K. Dobbins run for 13 yds to the OhSt 46 for a 1ST down

1st and 10 at OSU 46 | (3:45 - 2nd) J.K. Dobbins run for 4 yds to the 50 yard line

2nd and 6 at 50 | (3:20 - 2nd) J.K. Dobbins run for 1 yd to the Mich 49

3rd and 5 at MICH 49 | (3:00 - 2nd) Bad snap by Price recovered by Barrett, 17-yard loss

[omitting the knee they took to get to halftime]

Second possession (OSU ball coming out of halftime)

1st and 10 at OSU 25 | (14:50 - 3rd) J.T. Barrett run for no gain to the OhSt 25

2nd and 10 at OSU 25 | (14:15 - 3rd) Mike Weber run for 9 yds to the OhSt 34

3rd and 1 at OSU 34 | (13:55 - 3rd) Mike Weber run for no gain to the OhSt 34

Third possession

1st and 10 at OSU 14 | (10:45 - 3rd) Mike Weber run for 5 yds to the OhSt 19

2nd and 5 at OSU 19 | (10:23 - 3rd) J.T. Barrett pass incomplete to Marcus Baugh

3rd and 5 at OSU 19 | (10:10 - 3rd) J.T. Barrett sacked by Rashan Gary for a loss of 6 yards to the OhSt 13

Final possession

1st and 10 at OSU 22 | (6:50 - 3rd) J.T. Barrett run for a loss of 1 yard to the OhSt 21

2nd and 11 at OSU 21 | (6:15 - 3rd) J.T. Barrett run for 10 yds to the OhSt 31 (injured)


 OSU seemed to be going nowhere rather than being on a "run" and Michigan had just scored a TD.

Creative wording.


Comment 18 Mar 2018

I wrote that interrogative headline, on the premise that as bad as last night might have seemed, Ohio State athletics were in the thick of competition that required performing at an elite level just to participate.

The condition of internet writing is at the point where readers are suspicious of everything, including headlines and their intentions. This headline had no dubious intentions. Clickbait would be Ohio State Played in a Bunch of Postseason Matches and You Won't Believe What Happened. This was commentary on a day and weekend that was full of missed potential, which is why it is interrogative. This site needs no gimmicks to attract readers. It does so with breadth of coverage and community.

Comment 18 Mar 2018

That's the term paper approach. Storytelling is a different animal; intended to be more of a ride. Sixth Sense wouldn't have been what it was if it opened with "now, keep in mind - this kid can see dead people and Bruce Willis is one of them."

Comment 18 Mar 2018

You have summarized the story nicely, but we need to stretch things out so that they become reading material.

Comment 07 Mar 2018

I don't think either of you read past the first paragraph, and skipped straight to the comments

Comment 01 Mar 2018

I don't know, man. UNC got Roy Williams from Kansas explicitly because he was an alumnus, and KU was/is a destination blue-blood job.

It's fun to bat around. RMK instead of Eldon Miller would have been something.

Comment 28 Feb 2018

 There isn't a single person, Ramzy included, who could have reasonably expected anywhere near those results.

Correct. I'm from Columbus; I was brought up erroneously believing Ohio State could be just okay at basketball. I'm trying to change that.