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Ramzy is 11W's Executive Editor and Director of Business Development.

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Comment 12 Dec 2018

There is something to, perhaps, the Comish needed fodder for his lobbying services. He did openly lobby for us in 2014 after we trounced Wisky. He had reason too.

Because the Rose Bowl was in the CFP rotation in 2014. It took the Pac 12 champ and the ACC champ, to Delany's dismay.

Comment 12 Dec 2018

no one is blaming him for not getting in ... they are blaming him for not doing any lobbying ... that is all.  It is his job as commissioner to be an advocate.  He wasn't.

Thank you for your service.

Comment 06 Dec 2018

Where's the part about your personal vendetta and you adding to his stress that eventually ended his OSU stint?

Exclusively inside of your teeny tiny little head.

Comment 22 Nov 2018

No idea what you’re talking about but you seem really mad about something that isn’t written here. Happy Thanksgiving.

Comment 07 Nov 2018

I was looking to unwind the other night and only had a bottle of Basil Hayden's Kentucky straight bourbon and I actually really enjoyed it - had myself two decently sized glasses and slept like a baby. I searched old posts of yours to see if you had ever recommended it and it turns out you did back in ~2015 as a potential starter whiskey.

This is all to say that now that I've found one I enjoyed straight, are there any recommendations on where to go from there?

If you enjoy Basil, you will probably enjoy higher-rye mash bill bourbons or rye itself. I think you're referring to this guidance on how to find bourbons. Lexington is comparable to Basil, but priced so that you'll have extra money left over for snacks.

Comment 31 Oct 2018

Ramzy, you discuss a lot of bourbons that are for all intents and purposes impossible to get one's hands on... I'm curious, how do you go about procuring these gems?

Not living in Ohio helps. On Saturday night I went to the liquor store 5 minutes from my house in NJ and picked up a McKenna, a Midwinter Night’s Dram from a couple of Situationals ago and a Larceny at non-arbitrage retail prices, right off the shelf. For the ghost bourbons, that requires clubs, trades and conditions. But Colonel Taylor products are not in short supply unless the people in charge of distribution have chosen to do that. Four Grain is a limited release, but it’s still not ghostly. That should run, at most, $75.

Do you treat yourself to expensive pours at bourbon bars or do you have an "in" in the distillery business that allows you to own some of these bottles?

It’s a 95%/5% split of yes and yes.