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Comment 09 Oct 2018

FYI, that’s Eleven Dubgate 8 day - we will be announcing it here/details shortly. Kind of hard to do without knowing when the game starts but we’ll do what we’ve got to do.

Comment 02 Oct 2018

***I would gladly accept a Bourbon from Ramzy in exchange for this unsolicited user testimony.***

Find me in the VC courtyard this Saturday during the noon games. My shirt should make me obvious.

Comment 26 Sep 2018

1/4 cup. I just made the ice cream tonight - had a couple of peaches from the backyard that were starting to turn and puréed them/tossed them in for good measure.

I also love vanilla. You can turn down the dials in every cocktail recipe to your liking.

Comment 05 Sep 2018

this season is his second season, not third as you and Ramzy stated.

We're in Davis' third season at Ohio State. 2016 - analyst, 2017-18 - LB coach.

Comment 05 Sep 2018

They ramped up production years ago, which fools people into thinking it's not great because it's always on shelves. 4RSB is great and reliably available, which loses appeal in the current climate where great bourbon is supposed to be hard to find. That's not true at all.

Comment 05 Sep 2018

Hartline has been with the program since March...of 2017. He had been shadow-managing WRs since last season began, following the tradition begun by Joker Phillips when it was clear Urban had no confidence in Zach's ability to lead that unit.

Also, I don't hate Urban. That's just absolutely stupid. I openly hated his preferential treatment of an incompetent drunk shitlord.