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Comment 16 Aug 2017

That shopping trip is a power move. You played all the hits.

I don't touch Makers. It works with the DCM recipe. Just not one I would drink.

Comment 16 Aug 2017

Curt slid into my 11W slack DMs regularly for sentence structure advice, banter about Ohio towns, ask about airport lounges - he was always so curious and earnest. Like everyone else, he elevated my interest in wrestling through his writing but especially his enthusiasm. I'd put my passion for college football up against anyone, but his passion for wrestling > mine for CFB.

A huge heart. A wonderful human. RIP buddy. Pin some angels and talk some heavenly shit afterwards.

Comment 26 Jul 2017

Nappy, I flew to Indy Monday to get to Denny's wake, but first I spent a couple hours with a work colleague before heading to Plainfield. She told me about a funeral she had just attended for her neighbor's son, who was killed in a hit-and-run. I knew where your link was going before I clicked on it - she was at Sultan's service. This world, man. I'm sorry for your loss.

Comment 24 Jul 2017

Do not like that boosters are on that flight. I don't care how much money they give to the program annually, it still looks sketch AF.

It's a common and openly-accepted practice throughout college football at every level of play, which means there's nothing sketchy about it at all. At risk of making this morbid, the plane crash that killed 46 members of Marshall's football team 47 years ago also killed 25 boosters who were on the plane.

Comment 29 Jun 2017

It's a statistical quirk. B1GCG doesn't count against B1G record; only regular season games do.

Comment 28 Jun 2017

 It was pretty damn cold.

High 40s. Perfect bourbon weather IMO