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Comment 24 Jun 2020

A Holy Buckeye show will be airing on BTN shortly, and unfortunately you’ll be seeing me in it. I’m trying to avoid Holy Buckeye saturation. There’s really no bad suggestion/omission here.

Comment 17 Jun 2020

In 1995 he was still coaching WRs at Colorado State under Sonny Lubick. He was coaching WRs for Holtz at ND when they made the trip there in 1996. Earle hooked him up with both gigs.

Comment 11 Jun 2020

1) the GIF from the 1st Byars TD and the one that put us up 28-24 look like the same play from different angles. You trying to be tricky, Ramzy?

by the time I finish making/dropping GIFs into these things I'm seeing triple

2) I'm assuming there was a penalty after the 1st TD since we were kicking off at the ILLINI(!!) 45??

personal foul & ejection, trimmed for brevity (whatever that means in these giant pieces) - it's talked about a little in the comments. Guess I shouldn't have trimmed it.

4) It is hard to win by not securing 2 kickoffs in the same game, but 2014 Sparty game Dontre Wilson would like a word with you

I wrote about this awhile back:

...and that something was the 2014 Michigan State game, where he played so poorly he was practically shaving points, before ending the game with a touchdown and a broken foot (19:58 mark). That trip to East Lansing was the fulcrum of his career. He never returned to Spartan Stadium, nor did he return to his early form.


Comment 06 May 2020

Yeah in the original draft I had written and ultimately removed a section about throwback No.7 transitioning into another throwback No.7. Gamble was just exceptionally good, but I couldn't definitively say other teams were forced to scheme around him. Teddy was like Chase Young. Teams had to change everything they were accustomed to doing when they played Ohio State.

Comment 30 Apr 2020

It's one episode in a series called B1G Moment that takes deep dives into stuff like this. Holy Buckeye is one, Adam Taliaferro's injury/recovery is one -  think there's one other Ohio State one they have in the hopper. I know about the Holy Buckeye one because I'm in it (unless they cut me out of the episode, which, hard to blame them).