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Comment 15 Nov 2017

You have your facts all wrong Ramzy.  In 2009, after we lost to Purdue we did not play Michigan the next week.

Not sure where you read that, but it’s not in this article.

Comment 08 Nov 2017

It's sweet enough with Campari and Vermouth. Go lemon. If you need more sweet, orange. That's the general rule for twists.

Comment 02 Nov 2017

I was covered in piss because this asshole decided to run away on Halloween and I eventually found him holed up under what's basically a giant wildlife urinal. He's now recovered, hoarse, dirty and hanging out indoors with his pitbull/lab sister Oshie Sanzenbacher

Comment 27 Oct 2017


Unique bottle

You want a combination of quality and aesthetic without being over the top. Angel's Envy, Widow Jane, Hudson Baby, e.g.

Comment 25 Oct 2017

thanks, fixed. Subconscious probably didn't want to type Michigan State and 2015.

Comment 25 Oct 2017

The 34:18 mark of the 1996 game will make you sick. Sorry to ruin anyone's day. 

Me: How bad could it possibly be [goes to check it out]

Yeah. Don't.

Comment 10 Oct 2017

I'll say it., Kevin Wilson failed us.  He had all off season and summer to prepare for OU and choked.  Sooner's D is warm butter, as proven by Baylor and now Iowa State.  Wilson had all summer to put JT and this offense full of 4 and 5 star players to excel at home, and failed miserably.  We should be undefeated right now, and to only muster 16 points on OU's D in the shoe is a disgrace and fail.

Zone Six was an unmitigated catastrophe in that game, Barrett was reluctant to trust them for that extremely valid reason - and the game strategy showed all the hallmarks of Wilson's boss, as he is wont to do, meddling with the play calls.

If we've learned anything in six seasons, every loss produces conspicuous changes without a single exception. It would be nice to see these without having to take an L first.