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Comment 11 Aug 2018

Just curious. Is this the highest traffic week/weeks in 11W history?

No. In-season is a different audience/traffic animal around here. Is it the highest traffic week we’ve ever had in early August? I’ll guess yes.

Comment 11 Aug 2018

Another example, if Ramzy apologizes (or publicly clarifies) a tweet that was too general and taken the wrong, it may help things

I recognized that my words took on different meaning as the story began to accelerate, so I clarified it both on Twitter (through both threaded and quote-tweets) and in several forum and story threads on this site.

The problem is the original tweet is now orphaned in numerous places and there are people who don’t care for clarity. The takeaway here is that I violated and continue to violate the only rule of Twitter: never tweet.

Comment 08 Aug 2018

Yes, we are on exactly equal culpability footing here with Urban, Ohio State, Florida, Marshall, Temple, the Gainesville PD, Powell PD and the Smiths. Why weren’t we more vigilant to strenuously object to sealed police records when that was what we were told when we first made an effort. Doesn’t everyone fight the police to unseal records involving private citizens? Why were we such cowards, man. Good post

Comment 08 Aug 2018

I misread you then. Apologies, it’s been a great week here in Accused of Covering Up For Urban For Years But Also Trying To Get Him Fired Because I Hate Him-stan.

Comment 08 Aug 2018

Are you still operating off of the false assumption that I knew the DV details and allegations that have since emerged after I disclosed I knew Zach Smith had marital problems? You can play that game by yourself, anonymous internet hero.

Comment 06 Aug 2018

I suggest that nobody cared about this abuse until it could be used to attack an now famous assistant coach who "should have or probably had known" about it and "done something."

That definitely seems to be how the broader media coverage has framed it. But, factually - and this is sourced in both the story I wrote and later in the series NYT ran over the weekend - this was reawakened when the Larry Nassar verdicts were coming down. The FOIA timing and OSU investigation announcement all line up that way as well, before the famous assistant you refer to was in line for any new/potential position.

And re: your question - that's precisely what the open investigation is intended to find.

Comment 06 Aug 2018

You want to play like you didn't know anything about police reports

Heard about them. They were sealed and/or he wasn't charged with anything. This is moving so quickly it's easy to forget that not even a month ago a lot of this stuff didn't exist, because Courtney did not want Zach to lose his job because Courtney did not want Courtney to lose her income.

 You knew he had an issue with police in 2009 and 2015.

It's what you can show, not what you think you know. The line between invasion of privacy and documented crime/charges is not fine or murky - it's super easy to see, actually.

Comment 06 Aug 2018

"Why are you guys keeping a substandard coach on staff who has a reputation for being a publicly drunken philanderer wife beater?"  

I've changed your question to better reflect my impression of him prior to the recent revelations/confirmations/questions, and the answer, at least for me, was and is "because it's none of my business." 

Ask me about him in June and I would say good recruiter, good father, bad coach, bad husband without blinking.

Comment 06 Aug 2018

OSU proactively sent out all of his performance reviews (though curiously, only his self-assessments) and employment contracts. FOIAing would be required to find any corrective action documentation, emails, etc. BTW Zach gave himself the highest possible marks on social media acumen, which, okay.

There's a highly reputable third-party investigator in the house right now. I think we're good with whatever they uncover.

Comment 06 Aug 2018

my distinct impression from reading your content is that you drawing a comparison between Meyer and the current president is the acme of insults

I think you're referring to this

So, I live in New Jersey. I posted that about the planned rally for Meyer that is happening today in Columbus. I had no idea that the president was on his way to Ohio for one of his rallies. Someone replied to me and said they weren't sure if I was referring to Meyer or the president. I said both, with the parallels being whose fate is already tasked to lucid adult investigators. I thought that was ironic.

No, I do not see Meyer and the president in the same light. I can definitely see how this might have been confusing.

Comment 06 Aug 2018

One was a forum thread in which the original title stated that Zach Smith had been arrested by the Powell Police Department in connection with the criminal trespassing charge that set this whole imbroglio in motion. I cannot find that thread now, but I believe a staffer posted it.

Here are all of the Zach Smith forum topics. I'm not familiar with the one you're describing, but none of them were created by staff (also searched other terms, Powell, arrest, etc and came up empty)

I was most disturbed by 11W staff reporting in the article with the headline "Police Docs Show Further Alleged Abuse" 

The headline refers to a broader pattern of abuse. We don't make headlines in a vacuum, and one of the exercises I personally went through this summer when doing the DiSabato story was finding a concrete, generally-accepted definition for abuse. For that story specifically, one of the allegations was that the bathroom stalls in Larkins were basically a peep show. That's voyeurism. That sent me into places where I had to see if voyeurism is categorized abuse, and the answer was yes far more often than it was no. Abuse is not defined by the abuser, but by the abused.

I think your disagreement with the headline is rooted in this sort of difference of opinion around the definition. I personally agree with you that getting pulled over, alone, and crying about your husband is a dubious bullet to included in what was published. Bill Landis (the story you're referring to is 11W amplifying his research) used the expression domestic incidents. That's a better encapsulation in my opinion, but to suggest the headline for that story 

smacks of yellow journalism

It doesn't.

Comment 06 Aug 2018

Yes. You're venturing into the dangerous and uncomfortable confluence of what actually/probably happened, and appearing to be victim-shaming. And once you follow the details to get to that exact place, you start to see the likely reason as to why their process hit a wall.

Comment 06 Aug 2018

There are other tweets in my timeline. The one you showcased above was from prior to the flood of additional details that emerged.

I've resented exactly one thing about Urban Meyer wrt Zach Smith, and that's keeping an objectively terrible position coach and lousy representative of the program on his staff. I wrote around that (e.g. 1, 2, 3 - there are more but I'm too lazy to search) It had nothing to do with morals, ethics or shielding an alleged spousal abuser.

Comment 06 Aug 2018

The tone of Nasrallah's social media posts suggested Meyer was far less a human being than OSU fans believe him to be. In other words, without coming out and saying so, Ramsey was calling Urban Meyer a POS in a series of furtive tweets.

1. Here is my twitter feed. Nothing has been edited.

To me, it's concerning that two (Nasrallah and Arace) Columbus media personalities who have access to the program are not being shy in making public their disdain for Urban Meyer.

2. I've written about Ohio State football nearly every week since 1997, which encompasses the entire Meyer era at Ohio State. My feelings on literally every facet, every element, every part of the program are public domain. So if you think I think Meyer is a POS and hate him - in spite of all that searchable data to the contrary - then I cannot help you. Or more accurately, you are beyond help.

Comment 02 Aug 2018

You, and others, are misreading that tweet. Urban always knew he had a bad apple. Everyone knew he was a bad apple. We didn’t know what was in sealed police reports. Stay vigilant, but try to think clearly.

Comment 01 Aug 2018

Though Ramzy seems to normalize his own knowledge because "everyone knew and did nothing:"

Bottom line: 11W folks knew about domestic violence and could only "write around it." (Wouldn't hold your breath for a "Her Too" piece any time soon.)


Comment 01 Aug 2018

Thank you for your concern, Red Shirt Ensign. It is very common to not understand the difference between credentialed reporter/journalist and op-ed contributor. I very rarely wear the hat of the former - maybe 1% of my work here is actual journalism, and it's done in a pinch if our guys who do this are spread out covering news. When I wear that hat, I publish under 11W Staff as to not confuse anyone thinking "hey, this doesn't read like a Ramzy piece." 

The last team I covered as a journalist was the 1994 Indiana Hoosiers basketball team. So it's been awhile since I've used my byline and have been forced to be objective. I suck at that, and fortunately for me I have the flexibility in my career to avoid that line of work so that better people like Dan and James can do it.

Comment 01 Aug 2018

The records that McMurphy refers to - and that everyone is referring to - were just unsealed this summer. There was nothing to show until very recently. I know it's very brave and courageous to shout into the internet abyss with anger, but try to picture yourself going to press with rumors and whispers and absolutely no documentation that suggests an Ohio State position coach and bloodline legacy is a wife-beating piece of shit. It's libelous until you have proof. You're a target if you do or if you don't.

As for any journalist not stuck publishing his work on Facebook because no one will hire him (and hence, nothing to lose) I do wonder if it crossed anyone's mind that at some point an investigation turns into an invasion of privacy/intrusion into a family trying (and eventually failing) to stay together? This isn't sarcasm or diminishing what McMurphy revealed. I'm just wondering - aside from Earle's passing and the moat around OSU FB for access - if that dilemma crossed any intrepid reporter's mind before those Gainesville records were unsealed and the Powell PD intervened with that idiot violating a restraining order in Courtney's driveway that opened the floodgates.