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Look out for That Wall!

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December 3, 2018 at 2:50pm

Now that there’s a lull in the action, and we face the end of the year, I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to Jason, Ramzy, Chris, Johnny, and all the staff writers, contributors (including Remy), Walt & Grant, Interns, to the families of Corey & Curt, and even the all who give good masthead here, for an absolutely top-shelf vintage offering this year at ELEVENWARRIORS.COM.

This has been a very difficult year to parse through the melange of blather out there in the real world, and in the sports world, and you guys have offered what I consider to be the absolute best site for Buckeye information there is! (I do have some issues with some of you and your political slant leaking over into my breakfast sometimes, but hey, it’s your site)…thanks for letting me visit!

And to those Moderators who serve us all so well by roaming the halls day & night seeking those violators of indecency, and perpetuators of decency in a politics, hot-topic, and jiggle-free zone, a hearty Hail and Fare-thee-well! As a member for over four years now, and a lurker for a couple prior to that, I have come to enjoy your various styles and efforts to Moderate in fairness and liberty of expression for all - within the bounds of the commenting policy. Not a ‘#DickMOD’ among you, it’s been a stellar job by all through a very tricky season of weirdness in Buckeye Nation! Thanks for all you do, and for all you provide for us on this the best free site on the interwebz! Cheers!

And to Calpoppy…prayers up for you, Bro!

"In the old days, it was not called the Holiday Season; the Christians called it 'Christmas' and went to church; the Jews called it 'Hanukkah' and went to synagogue; the atheists went to parties and drank. People passing each other on the street would say 'Merry Christmas!' or 'Happy Hanukkah!' or (to the atheists) 'Look out for that wall!'" -Dave Berry

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