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Comment 18 Jul 2019

Deshler, Ohio. Elm Street. Family Living Room. We all sat in front of the television and ate breakfast...and lunch...and dinner...for days watching that broadcast. I don't recall if we had one ball game or swim that day or the days that followed with those guys out there in space but it seems I was glued to the screen until splashdown. There were guys in space from the USA planning to land on...and walk on the MOON and then come back home! It was awesome! (The fact that John Glenn was from Ohio, the teachers had us very interested in space travel- I almost feel like I remember Friendship 7, though I was only 2); but Neil Armstrong was the $#IT when he walked on the moon! Collins & Aldrin were cool, but Armstrong...

Comment 17 Jul 2019

If you have yet to acquire the prerequisites for a "dad car"...namely a child, and a dad body to put in said "dad car" I'd stay in my budget and go with the most non-dad-like of your options. The sedans or mid-size trucks within your price range...no need to go full mini-van yet until you start looking like this guy...