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Comment 16 Jul 2020

I agree.

Live life. Do your best. Trust God. Those who get sick, get treated as best as the greedy doctors in greedier hospital systems are able...masks do not work, though many of you foolishly follow along like lemmings to the sea.

Hydroxychloroquine with zinc, etc. DOES work as many are reporting, but that is for some reason not the 'in' opinion or prescription simply because a rabidly divisive media has script-ridiculed a very well-informed man in the White House who said it might work, contrary to the opinions of the manipulating, global population-controllers-by-vaccination for profit pushers.

Fear does not help, regardless so you'd better learn to pray. 

I do not agree with down-voting a guy for having an opinion, either, in fact the post-creator invited it, but here we are...commenting on a down-voted yet fair opinion.

The commentariat here has given itself completely over to the fear-porn of the mockingbird media, the cancel culture of the uninformed, and the idiocy of silencing anyone with a differing opinion, and I'm not playing your game. I have avoided you because of your glaring unkindness & fear, and because any un-sheeplike comment is ridiculed, downvoted into oblivion, and labelled as violating the commenting policy. THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL COMMENT. THIS IS OUR LIVES YOU ARE TOYING WITH!

POLITICAL COMMENT WARNING...MAYBE: One day soon, you'll perhaps wake up and realize you are mostly all being manipulated to silence (in self-killing, carbon-dioxide rebreathers that cannot stop a virus, simply because of globalist manipulation aimed at ending US sovereignty) as enemies ruin a once great nation's Constitution & Sovereignty, by means of a leftist created fake impeachment, followed by a foreign power's leftist-orchestrated well-planned pandemic to cover their own asses & crimes and march us into a new world order, and unmerited race riots facilitated by hired marxist revolutionaries, while you argued over whether football is significant enough to merit our attention with all the serious non-mask wearers out there. Meanwhile you're flushing your children's future & freedom down the toilet...FOREVER.

I don't care anymore. I have a family to protect & provide for...You have ruined my Eleven Warriors enjoyment, which is a very short-lived & temporary part of my 4th Generation Ohio State sports & academic history. 

Those of you whom I have met and liked, I wish you well. I pray for you.

Those of you whom I have not met, but have shared a mutual fellowship around the Buckeyes here, I also wish you well. I pray for you, too.

All of you need to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, and call upon His Name. He will surely save.

Let the DV's begin...kick me out of your little club if you wish. I'm just not that into you anymore.

Comment 18 Jun 2020

Thanks for the throwback... I really didn't got into the DK's, because I was kick-starting my own trying to get-out-of-the-garage band. But I knew this guitarist well...& was semi-present in this video.

Comment 31 May 2020

I've never met any of the Overlords or Staff & only two Mods, so my opinion is absolute.

They are all bastard/s who mostly love the Buckeyes...so there's that!

Happy June, All!

Comment 18 May 2020

This would be mine, if I had to use your focus.

Thesis: Sexual abuse, molestation, and paedophilia were prevalent among 'possibly associated' sports medicine professionals in some B1G Universities during the past 2-3 decades and these crimes were covered up by the University(s) leadership to mitigate financial losses (if true). 

But that's just me. (for some reason, I am prepared to get seriously down-voted for this suggestion, though I should not- someone needs to research this stuff).

Comment 04 May 2020

My Dad was a huge Browns fan. Me too. But when I was 11, 12, 13 I started forming my own likes & opinions as we all do, and wanting my own team, I decided that since Buckeye great Paul Warfield was with some new Miami team, Dad might let me watch them sometimes. This became MY team.

My 10 year younger brother...so, 1-2 yrs old, would hear me say the Miami Dolphins would win...and thinking I said "My Ami Dolphins" he always called them the Russ' Ami Dolphins...that's how big they were for me as a young guy!

Don Shula was the boss! Loved his attitude, style, poise & dignity and first saw how a coach's character and demeanor translated to the team. And in a Browns home17-0 was AWESOME! It was difficult when they played Cleveland...but I got through it, eventually.

Coach Shula's character on the sidelines, for me as a Paul Warfield Dolphin becoming a Jim Kiick, Larry Csonka, Mercury Morris, Nick Buoniconti, & Bob Griese Dolphin helped form my attitudes for when I was a young basketball coach in NW Ohio & into my career. When I learned he was also an Ohioan...it was done!

Always followed Coach Shula. Lost interest in the Dolphins. 

Never heard any but good things about him. 

Comment 24 Apr 2020

The depth of fear, shame, and humiliation that would attack ones' mind as a human (athlete) of any age at their favorite university, doing the thing of their passion and being abused, demeaned, attacked like this, and the subsequent disparity of attitudes of friends, family, peers for speaking out or dragging 'our' school into the mess must be overwhelming...is all I can surmise...I feel sick for these young people. 

Comment 12 Mar 2020

I'm simultaneously caring for my aging & convalescing Mom, writing a book, and researching a twisted clown-funded sex-trafficking/drug-cult from the past which was making a sick & perversely effective resurgence between 2008-2016...or binge-watching Seinfeld seasons. I might also see if I can feed the neighbour's wolf a pb&j sammich; I read somewhere that wolves like those...

Comment 11 Mar 2020

Thank you! My two oldest kids think I'm a freak about this but that speech by Tressel is life-changing! Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Often.