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Comment 18 Jul 2019

Deshler, Ohio. Elm Street. Family Living Room. We all sat in front of the television and ate breakfast...and lunch...and dinner...for days watching that broadcast. I don't recall if we had one ball game or swim that day or the days that followed with those guys out there in space but it seems I was glued to the screen until splashdown. There were guys in space from the USA planning to land on...and walk on the MOON and then come back home! It was awesome! (The fact that John Glenn was from Ohio, the teachers had us very interested in space travel- I almost feel like I remember Friendship 7, though I was only 2); but Neil Armstrong was the $#IT when he walked on the moon! Collins & Aldrin were cool, but Armstrong...

Comment 17 Jul 2019

If you have yet to acquire the prerequisites for a "dad car"...namely a child, and a dad body to put in said "dad car" I'd stay in my budget and go with the most non-dad-like of your options. The sedans or mid-size trucks within your price range...no need to go full mini-van yet until you start looking like this guy...

Comment 04 Jul 2019

Hey Man, I get it! Sometimes it helps me to recall how others went through difficulties and overcame...like maybe watch Schindler's List or go find a homeless shelter and lend a hand feeding those struggling with other, perhaps deeper mental, emotional, and financial losses.

I know a guy who was married to an amazing woman for 22 years. They have 3 amazing kids (I know them well) and worked as directors of year-round kids camps and outdoor education centers. It was a dream life for them, until they lost three of the kids' grandparents to cancer in three years and spent incredible time and resources caring for each of those grandparents as they died, even relocating/changing jobs & homes to be with them through the worst of it. This was amazing and sacrificial love and choices that the man and woman made to honour and love their parents. Long story short: this woman snapped after her Dad-then-Mom died and took the kids...just got on a plane and flew away...has not been seen since...for like 25 months now this guy has been searching for his wife and teenage children; for over 2 years she keeps telling him by email that it's not his fault, but she is just hurting and does not want or need him in their lives. She was diagnosed with C-PTSD.

The pain is real...but you have what it takes to get through it...and process through it to an all around better guy...for everyone. I know my friend is and though he has his very weak moments (he confides in me at these times) he is getting better with time and looking outside himself to serve others less fortunate. Become a Big Brother. Coach a kids' summer league...paint a widows' front porch. Get your eyes off of you and this girl...be glad you are not married to her and with children. Get to know the Almighty. That's my $0.02...if you need more just ask.

Comment 26 Jun 2019

My sister and her fiance' scheduled their wedding at 1PM on the last Saturday in November. I was in the wedding party and sang in the wedding. I missed less than 4 minutes of the Game. This was before tech made it possible to carry a TV...in your pocket...

Comment 17 Jun 2019

Like the take on Robert Earle Keene...me too. And DMB...that is all...I have seen the others on my list in their prime. I refuse to pay >$100/ticket when I paid $11-15 to see these and more and had a free clinic nearby!

June 25, 1977 Cleveland Stadium, Cleveland, OH

Pink Floyd

August 6, 1977 Cleveland Stadium, Cleveland, OH

Peter Frampton
Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band
The J. Geils Band

July 1, 1978 Cleveland Stadium, Cleveland, OH

The Rolling Stones
Peter Tosh

July 15, 1978 Cleveland Stadium, Cleveland, OH

Electric Light Orchestra

August 5, 1978 Cleveland Stadium, Cleveland, OH (cancelled)

Fleetwood Mac
Bob Welch
The Cars
Todd Rundgren and Utopia
Eddie Money

Comment 14 Jun 2019

Oiler Pub - Findlay, Ohio (Chicago Style served with the driest wit...in clogs).

The Dark Horse - Findlay, Ohio (the original one- not that one out near Whirlpool)

Napoli's - Findlay, Ohio

Canada has no good pizza.

Comment 14 Jun 2019

Spent a few previously unremembered-in-the-haze Halloweens and such at OU...this reconnected me to some of those memories. Thanks!