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Ode to the Serial Downvoter

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October 5, 2015 at 5:08pm

O Serial Downvoter, thou troll of Autumn’s threads, Thou, by whose unseen presence helmet stickers Are stolen, like leaves from our Champions’ heads.

Invisible, silent, faceless and without name, Anonymous Buckeye leaf thief: O thou,  Who casts downvotes without thought, without shame.

The heartless deed, cowardly and filled with spite, Like an arrow aimed for the heart, until Reasonable folk rise and upvote with all their might.

His intentions are never good and also generally fail To follow the Warriors’ Code, and so, #Karma Serial Downvoter, there's Eleven Warriors jail.

Usurper of great power, lurking in internet space Come get your downvotes else live in eternal disgrace.

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