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Born and raised in Columbus, OH. Grew up on campus at tOSU (father was faculty), went to my first game when I was six, and I have loved the Buckeyes ever since. Graduated from the US Naval Academy and served on active duty for 26 years.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching JT Barrett lead the biggest comeback of Coach Meyer's career to beat Penn State in the Shoe.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: John 'Hondo' Havlicek
  • NFL TEAM: It hurts too much to be an NFL fan in Ohio.
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Cavaliers
  • MLB TEAM: Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: None - I'd rather watch lacrosse.

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Comment 26 Oct 2020

Giving an athlete information and allowing him or her to make a decision is not giving everyone a trophy. You want to dictate a specific behavior that is beyond the scope of a coach, teacher, mentor or leader. Why should a coach dictate that a player wear a knee brace? It’s not a coach’s position. Tell him what reps to take? Yes. Tell him how you want him to run the offense? Absolutely. Discipline him when he doesn’t meet your expectations? Damn right. 

But you’ve got this idea that needs to extend to whether or not he wears a knee brace. Please. 

Comment 26 Oct 2020

I just laugh that football still uses two guys with sticks connected by a chain to measure first downs, but will then spend 10 minutes reviewing a dozen camera angles on a fourth down spot. We live in an age where they use lasers to measure your glass shower doors, and football still has two dudes running up and down the field with two sticks and a chain.

I'm sure no one wants to spend the money, or trusts a sensor in the football (they go through a few balls in a game). But I agree there is likely a more sophisticated technological solution to this problem.

Comment 26 Oct 2020

Meyer saw the writing on the wall and the type of player coming in. 

Yeah, it probably had nothing to do with a significant health issue, which doctors informed him was made worse by the intensity of his coaching. I'm sure he was just fed up with the type of player coming in.

Kids need to be taught and told what to do

That is the very definition of being an authoritarian. And, as a coach and former military officer, I can tell you that you won't get very far with today's 20-somethings with that mindset. They'll respect you more as a coach and mentor, and ultimately stick with your program longer if you treat them like adults and not kids.

Comment 26 Oct 2020

Why is it too early? It's never too early to score points that matter in a football game. And I'd take the percentages on a 25 yard field goal over a pass to the TE every day of the week. A game isn't decided in the fourth quarter. It's the compilation of plays and decisions made over the entire hour of playing time. Any decent coach will tell you that.

Comment 26 Oct 2020

I wouldn't say that's the reason he missed, but rather what gave him the opportunity to miss it. 

And if that's the route we're taking, the only reason IU had the opportunity to kill the clock is because PSU fumbled the ball on the 7 yard line with 0:55 on the clock. Otherwise, they likely end the half with either a TD or a FG.  Either way, the game never goes to OT.

Comment 26 Oct 2020

Sure, you can play that game all day. But, the OP is pointing to a dropped pass as the reason PSU lost, which happens more frequently than a missed 25-yard field goal. The point is PSU missed on an easy scoring opportunity that could've decided the game. Even if the TE catches that pass, Clifford could've bobbled a snap, thrown an interception, etc. Points don't come off the board.

Comment 26 Oct 2020

Fitzgerald and the Cats pull off an upset versus Iowa (-3.5 points) and improve to 2-0.
(BTW, Northwestern has won three of the last four meetings with the Hawkeyes.)

Comment 26 Oct 2020

There is no way to be 100% sure because you would need simultaneous cameras looking at ground level for out of bounds (when it hits) and a camera 100% down the goal line to see if it broke plane. 

TV broadcasts have figured out how to suspend a camera over the field during games that doesn't interrupt play. Why not have a camera high above the goal line on a cable that slides from sideline to sideline, specifically for viewing directly down at the ball carrier?

Comment 26 Oct 2020

Penn State missed a 25 yard FG to end the first half. Make that chip shot and we aren't talking about the fantastic OT ending to this game.

Comment 26 Oct 2020

The game never goes to OT if Jake Pinegar (PSU's placekicker) makes a 25 yard FG to end the first half. Or, if he makes a 47 yard FG in the 3rd quarter.