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Born and raised in Columbus, OH. Grew up on campus at tOSU (father was faculty), went to my first game when I was six, and I have loved the Buckeyes ever since. Graduated from the US Naval Academy and served on active duty for 26 years.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching JT Barrett lead the biggest comeback of Coach Meyer's career to beat Penn State in the Shoe.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: John 'Hondo' Havlicek
  • NFL TEAM: It hurts too much to be an NFL fan in Ohio.
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Cavaliers
  • MLB TEAM: Reds
  • SOCCER TEAM: None - I'd rather watch lacrosse.

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Comment 18 Mar 2019

I'm still having a hard time making the leap to non-compliance. Is a coach allowed to 'recruit' anyone for their team? Does the school dive into every preferred walk-on that a coach uses a reserved spot in the freshman class for? Are school compliance offices verifying practice attendance of every non-scholarship or walk-on athlete?  If none of these students received scholarship money, impermissible benefits, or anything else from the team, what specific NCAA rule was violated? 

And, in all the cases your listed, the schools immediately took action and fired or suspended the coaches involved, pending investigation. That is one of the specific criteria laid out for demonstrating institutional control. And generally, LOIC is invoked when there are multiple infractions within a single program or school.  I just don't see the NCAA trying to go this route.

Comment 16 Mar 2019

I think LOIC might only apply when there are impermissible benefits, gross violations of NCAA recruiting rules etc. A coach of a D1, non-revenue sport has a set number of spots in a freshman class for athletes, most of whom will not be on scholarship.

Hard to penalize an athletic program bringing in "preferred walk-ons", who will never play the sport, and claim that a "loss of institutional control" is giving them a competitive advantage.

Comment 14 Mar 2019

I’m one who thoroughly enjoyed the play calling last year in the first three games, prior to Meyer’s return.

So much Mandella Effect here.  Go back and look at the play-by-plays from last season. The playcalling did not change as much as you and many others believe it did after Meyer's return.  In fact, the percent of downfield passes attempted in those first three games was lower than Barrett took in 2017. Take a look at the Purdue game - the most passing attempts in OSU history.

Comment 11 Mar 2019

It's a word; but it's being used incorrectly.  Irregardless is a double negative ("ir-" meaning "not" and "-less" meaning "without").  So, it basically mean regarding or with regard to.

So he's basically saying that southern recruits would chose the SEC over OSU with regard to bagmen.

Comment 11 Mar 2019

Michigan is Top 20 as well.  Name 20 teams that are consistently better than both of them over the past 5 years.

Comment 11 Mar 2019

Clemson and Bama have been the two best teams in college football for the past three seasons.

Ezekiel Elliott is an amazing running back, but he's immature, and has done some really stupid, morally questionable things. Oh, and any college student, who's family picks up and moves 400 miles to be in the same city where you're going to school, has got issues.

Annie Apple should never have been considered an 'ambassador' for OSU football. She got way more press than she ever should ever have.

A certain portion of OSU fans (including some on this site) embarrass the hell out of me. Trashing college athletes for their performance on the field is a disgrace. 

I don't care for complete strangers who yell "O-H" at me or anyone else across a crowded airport, shopping mall, or any other venue that isn't an OSU sporting event.

Notre Dame is not the evil empire. They're consistently a Top 25-30 football team with a rich history and tradition that is part of the fabric of college football. Their fans are no more or less arrogant than a random collection of Ohio State fans. 

Comment 11 Mar 2019

Me too. It's switching back to EST in November that sucks.  Just keep us one hour ahead all the time, so there's more daylight in the afternoon. We don't need the sun up until 8 in the winter anyway.

Comment 10 Mar 2019

I took our HS team to that women’s game (OSU-ND). The Irish have some of the quickest passing I’ve ever seen. They blew up the Buckeyes’ zone defense with skip passes. 

Comment 10 Mar 2019

There are now only two undefeated teams in D1 Men's Lacrosse: #1 Towson and #9 OSU.

#6 Duke absolutely destroyed former #1 Loyola Friday night, so the Blue Defils should move up.

#2 Cornell lost their first game, but it was to #4 Penn State, so they shouldn't slide too far.

#8 Denver lost a close one to #10 ND. And #4 Yale plays the Club Team from Up North today.

I wouldn't be surprised to the Buckeyes climb one spot, possibly two in the next rankings. The game against Denver next week is huge, and then comes a road game in South Bend (currently #10)), #20 Rutgers @ #4 PennState, @ #18 Johns Hopkins, #7 Maryland, and the season finale at the Club Team from Up North.

The Big Ten is a gauntlet. If the Buckeyes can go at least 3-2 in conference, they should be in the tourney. The way is season has gone nationally, though, it's anyone's championship to win. No one seems to want to hold onto #1 for more than a couple of weeks.

Comment 08 Mar 2019

Although I agree with your sentiment, BC, it would be much easier to read if you occasionally used that large button on the right side of the keyboard that reads "Return" or "Enter" or has a little arrow that's points down and then back to the left.

Paragraph breaks save eyes.

Comment 08 Mar 2019

If you like basic coffee shops, Kevin, you really need to spend some time in the PACNORWEST. Probably before your time, Kevin, but our fair city landscapes used to be dotted with little buildings called Photomats in strip mall and grocery store parking lots.  You drove up, dropped off your film, came back a week later and received your hard copy photos. With the advent of digital photography, Photomats went the way of the Dodo bird.

Someone in the Seattle area had the idea to repurpose those shacks in strip mall parking lots, and turned them into drive up coffee shacks.  They are everywhere around Puget Sound.  You can drive up to either side, place your order, grab your coffee and go.  In a move to corner the market, some began hiring young attractive women to be baristas, and they now dress in bikinis or in lingerie.

Yelp actually has reviews for the best 'bikini baristas, in the area. But recently, some folks complained, and it caused quite the stir.