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Victim of workplace prank, need retaliation ideas

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August 25, 2014 at 7:56pm

So last year, I took a Ghost Pepper into work, and asked a guy if he wanted to try a hot pepper, but didn't tell him it was twice as hot as a habanero...... He didn't ask either.  He ate it, and was hurting for about 20 minutes.  Got a good laugh at it and moved on. 

Today, I took a Trinidad Maruga Scorpion Pepper I grew into work, and asked the guy if he wanted to try it.  He said heck no, but he said he would take it, and use it to make some spicy chili later.  I gave it to him and went downstairs to talk to my boss.  Comeback 10 minutes later and start drinking my coffee, and my coworker had taken the Scorpion Pepper and rubbed it around the rim of my coffee mug.  So I spit the coffee out and go into the restroom to wash my mouth and hands, in doing so, nature called and I sat on the throne, but my co worker had smeared the Scorpion Peeper over the toilet seat..   15 minutes later, I was hurting..... So much so, I had to go home, take a shower and change my underwear.... The Pepper oil had gotten all over, and I felt like I was on fire from the waist down. I looked in the mirror before showering, because my ass felt like it had blistered and I had a raised-red mark on my keister that mimicked the toilet seat.   The shower helped, I went back to work and 2 hours later, the burn went away, but I need to get this guy back.

any retaliation ideas?

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