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Comment 17 Oct 2018
If Ohio State had beaten Minnesota by 50, it wouldn't have changed anything going forward in this season... except fewer fans would be crying.
Comment 14 Oct 2018
True. Everyone has a right to focus on what they want. However... you play to win the game......we are winning. You get what you want and some still complain, which is amazing. 2002- NC- close games, offensive struggles with an unreal offense 2012- undefeated- close games with a fullback moved to linebacker 2014- NC- injuries, and a defense that struggled much of the season All time great seasons, we might be in the midst of another one, let's watch and see, don't be scared.
Comment 14 Oct 2018
You can win 14 games in a row 199-0.....doesn't guarantee you a thing, come the 15th game, doesn't guarantee you a National Championship in the playoff format. Bitch all you like, thats your right, but I'm gonna enjoy what I got, not what I don't have. I'm feeling great, today, 7-0, #2/#3 in the country....I'm ready for a night game at Purdue. Love that KJ Hill, Go Bucks!
Comment 14 Oct 2018
How bout we (as fans) stop expecting the football team to beat everyone 70-3, and just enjoy the fricking wins we get? Bunch of spoiled fans, lol. I get it you strive for perfection, but we know going in you arent going to get it, so quit yur bichin.
Comment 09 Oct 2018
Not searching for likes....bro dog. If you are searching for recruiting trends, maybe you could read the Hurry up every now and again, or any of the numerous other recruiting articles, just takes a few minutes....but since you say you arent following it, but you sense a "slight" drop off, i figured what the hell, this guy doesn't really care anyways, so sacast away. Happy?
Comment 09 Oct 2018
We are doomed. That's what I'm hearing. The wheels are off, people jumping ship, and the house is on fire.
Comment 07 Oct 2018
Imo, Dez was only at the Browns facility, in August, because the Browns were on Hard Knocks, and Dez wanted publicity.
Comment 07 Oct 2018
Id say Joesph has got to be warmed up by now....hes been practicing kicking on the sideline for the past hour.
Comment 07 Oct 2018
Baker mayfield dropping back 10 yards on pass attempts arent helping the pass protection scheme
Comment 07 Oct 2018
Man, overtime period on a poorly played offensive game with too many penalties and missed kicks.....sounds exciting, NFL. Hope for some Baker Mayfield magic
Comment 07 Oct 2018
So the Browns are 8 points from being undefeated and 4 points from being winless. This is a big game for the direction the team going foward, this year. Hope they can hold up this second half.
Comment 06 Oct 2018
Bush should have been called for targeting 3 games last year, but never was.... that's his 2nd escape, this year.