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  • SPORTS MOMENT: watching the 2002 buckeye football season unfold
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Orlando Pace/Braxton Miller
  • NFL TEAM: Only follow former Buckeyes in the NFL
  • NHL TEAM: none
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavaliers
  • MLB TEAM: Cleveland Indians
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Comment 7 hours ago
Texas has averaged 6 losses a season, since 2010....the past 8 seasons. Beck has been there only 1 year. Beck might be in over his skis, but 3 of the top 20 all-time college football programs have been his last employers. So he must have something to offer. Maybe its a head Coach error that gets a tool(Beck), he think might work well, but isn't sure how to use properly, so never uses it.....idk.
Comment 7 hours ago
I cant see this situation from a victim's perspective, because i am not a victim of any of these allegations. I do feel it is fair to question the principle of a lawsuit, 30 years after an incident. That's a lot of contemplation and courage building, taking place. It is fair to question sides of the issue. We are not the accussed, the group alleging, the judge or the jury.....Just folks talking.
Comment 28 May 2018
Golden State is better than Cleveland, I admit it, but if you think the officiating is good, that's your problem
Comment 16 May 2018
CAVS played well, I thought. NBA hasn't figured out how to properly referee a game, in some time. Refs let Celtics play overly physical in the first half. They never knew how to ref a game shaq was in, and let opposing teams beat up on LeBron. Disheartening to watch it go down as a fan, let alone, be a member of the team that suffers the inconsistencies.refs make the game unwatchable at times.
Comment 09 May 2018
Rats are everywhere, period. Hay barns on a farmer's property, deserted dwellings in small towns, across the country, ships at sea, and the big cities.
Comment 05 May 2018
The fast passes at Disney operate diffetetly. I feel Cedar points attempt at fast passing is Lame. Disney fast pass is set up by time slots.
Comment 02 May 2018
Red skull was sentenced with watching over the soul stone. I wonder what happens with Skull after Thanos takes the gem. Is Skull free to take his pre tesseract form?
Comment 01 May 2018
Harry Buffalo isn't bad. I've never eaten food there or taken my kids in, but it definitely has a place in the party universe. Walking in smells like many spilled beers, but you are so close to the Q, 3 minute walk, that you can load up on relatively cheap whiskey and cokes, up till about 15 minutes till tip off and not miss a beat. Can't be that bad, every time we go there, pre game, for our last mixed drink, it's always crowded.