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  • SPORTS MOMENT: watching the 2002 buckeye football season unfold
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Orlando Pace/maurice clarett/Chris Gamble
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Jim Jackson/Greg Oden/treg Lee
  • NFL TEAM: Browns, but they cause undo stress
  • NHL TEAM: none
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavaliers
  • MLB TEAM: Cleveland Indians
  • SOCCER TEAM: none

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Comment 9 hours ago
Just watched a high school wrestling tournament at Van Buren High School today. 150+ matches in an 8 hour time my back and ass are sore from my bleacher seat, but I got my wrestling fix filled up. Yes Pletcher is very good. So many good young wrestlers in the Buckeye state as well
Comment 16 Jan 2020
For sure, always a better way, when looking with hindsight. Without having been there, to know, maybe the lockeroom was warned. Whatever, not my problem, thankfully
Comment 16 Jan 2020
You think if Ohio State won the Natty, and Zeke happened to slap a cop's ass, on film, during the lockeroom celebration, the comments would be that much different?
Comment 16 Jan 2020
That's what he did. Twas his choice. Was the players choice to disregard policy. Oh well...not my problem. That said, if a bunch of LSU players were smoking it up in my house, even though they were celebrating, I'd want them to take it outside, and celebrate outside, lol
Comment 16 Jan 2020
I didn't drink till I was 21, besides a sip of my Dad's Strohs when I was in Elementary School. I thought beer tasted like shit, back then. No smoking laws help protect people from second hand smoke. I was against No Smoking laws in restaurants and bars, years ago.....but now that they have been out in place, they are the correct laws. I don't have a stick in my ass, though, lol
Comment 16 Jan 2020
Let's not act as if the air conditioning in the Super Dome was functioning properly. I mean those poor kids and the rules of the sport.
Comment 15 Jan 2020
ESPN has always turned the other cheek, I regards to SEC wrongdoings. They way they handled Tatgate compare to Cam Newton and Johnny Manziel is all you need to know about their doings. Pretty funny, actually.
Comment 13 Jan 2020
I'll be ok, won't have robots to change furnace and air conditioners for another 30 years or so.
Comment 13 Jan 2020
If I was forced to bet $1,000 on it, I'd bet the under. History has the odds at under, that he'll still be head coach 730 days from now.
Comment 12 Jan 2020
Mammoth cave is a fun place to visit if you are ever doing a Kentucky Bourbon Tour. On site lodging accomadations, so it can be done without detailed planning
Comment 12 Jan 2020
In the 20 years since the Browns came back... can anyone here (without looking) name all the coaches and Starting QBs the Browns have had?
Comment 12 Jan 2020
How bout Euclid from Cleveland Clinic to the Holiday Inn Downtown, during morning commute? That be more fun for everybody. I'll buy you a beer after your done and dressed.
Comment 12 Jan 2020
WTF? Analytics Depodesta likes an Analytics coach who will discuss analytics with the owner after a game. Which analytics are they concerned about, because there are stats for days floating out there. Hey Haslem, your team is failing at discipline, drafting and scheme, not mathematics, lol.
Comment 12 Jan 2020
Frank Clark for Kansas City continues to be an asshole. Anyone catch his after the play headbutt of Carlos Hyde? NFL fans will cheer for any type of person, as long as the help their team win. Kind of disgusting.