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  • NFL TEAM: Browns, but they cause undo stress
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Comment 9 hours ago
it was only political in the sense that it was voted on by conference members. It's ruining things, in your view, because you don't agree. You didn't get a vote. So now what?
Comment 10 hours ago
" CLEbuckNUT 43 MINUTES AGO Lol those conferences will laugh at us and tell the BIG to stop being pussies." Take your advice to the B1G and apply it to yourself. In jest, really, just cracking a joke, because I saw some dripping irony with so many posts about fears and concerns, and what people should do with them.
Comment 12 hours ago
I wonder if TV ratings will be taken into consideration, for future TV contracts....possibly help sway the Big 12/ACC and SEC to come together and also postpone with the Big 10 and Pac12? I have to assume that ratings will be way down if 3/5 the power attempt to play 10 game schedule in Fall and other wait till Spring. Big 10 footprint pulls in a lot of eyes. Low ratings may eventually lead to 10's of Millions of lost money, in the next TV contract negotiations.
Comment 12 Aug 2020
You can meet a new person every second, non stop, and it would take a person 270 years to meet all the people on Earth. Truly blades of grass in a field.... dust in the wind. Getting stressed and angry about sports is a waste of time. By all means enjoy it, if you can, but holding on with rage, if that's what you do, is also what you'll reap.
Comment 11 Aug 2020
I think I'm just a dad with a full time job, that has a wife and 2 kids in school. Like that famous country song goes.....I get twisted by the right, the left, my boss and father time. It sucks to lose football. I hope Ohio State doesn't drift off to a 2nd tier school, if the SEC, ACC and Big 12 play. food, Clothing, good Health and Shelter are my concerns, until we crawl into 2022.