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Tatum 1.01 Release Notes

Jason Priestas's picture
February 10, 2014 at 12:02am

Small tweaks here and there:

  • Created visible indicator for new comments beyond the banner on the user avatar.
  • Changed the look of comments "hidden" by downvotes from blurred to a lighter text to improve page performance, especially on mobile. Hovering still shows the text, albeit just a bit darker.
  • Member blog link added to profile page.
  • Helmet Stickers Leaderboard is back.
  • Fixed incorrect author name for forum topics that were moved by staff.
  • Waiting on a Chrome fix for the web fonts "jumping" and acting weird before a refresh in some instances. This is a known bug in Chrome and should be fixed in Chrome 33, released later this month.

We're working on three big items: the user menu not showing on mobile, sluggish scrolling on certain pages with iPhone and iPad, and layout problems for various devices.

As always, please post any issues you're encountering in the Bugtracker. Please provide device, OS, browser, orientation (landscape or portrait) and/or a screenshot. Thanks!

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