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The World's 50 Most Valuable Teams 2014

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July 16, 2014 at 4:36pm

Forbes just released top 50 valuations for the worlds sports franchises.  Futbol is king my friends...  Along with Football.  Top ten and random others that I thought mattered to Ohio.

Itd be interesting if college teams could be valued.


1. Real Madrid $3.44B

2. Barcelona 3.2B

3. Manchester United $2.81B

4. New York Yankees $2.5B

5. Dallas Cowboys $2.3B

6. Los Angeles Dodgers $2B

7. Bayern Munich $1.85B

8. New England Patriots $1.8B

9. Washington Redskins $1.7B

10. New York Giants $1.55B

13. New York Knicks $1.4B

20. Ferrari (Formula One) $1.2B

21. Indianapolis Colts $1.2B

26. Toronto Maple Leafs $1.15B

27. Pittsburgh Steelers $1.118B

35. Cleveland Browns $1.005B

43. Cincinnati Bengals $942M

44. Detroit Lions $900M




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