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Thank You World Cup

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July 10, 2014 at 6:57pm

Every summer I face the desolate sports landscape that stretches between the last whistle of the Super Bowl and the first whistle of the CFB season. Yes, there are the empty calories of March Madness and mild distraction of the NBA playoffs, but for the most part the football offseason is hell on Earth.

But not THIS year. In this past month, I have gotten to witness cannibalism, beautiful women, trucks full of money being delivered to soccer players so they will play, the humiliation of Brazil, irrational unrestricted American patriotism, the meteoric rise of The Rill Dill to established British commentator and so much more. And now I look at the calendar and there is only a measly month between me and the sweet embrace of fOOtball season.

I publicly thank you World Cup, for all that you do and I hope the rest of 11W who reaped the same benefits as me thanks you too.

With Much Respect,


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