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January 23, 2019 at 11:08am

So I like to try and keep up to date on recruiting in basketball as well as football, but I haven't heard much news in the way of how basketball recruiting is faring right now. A quick check of 247 sports helps out a little, but doesn't provide much insight beyond commitments and crystal ball projections. I was wondering if anyone, staff, reader, or other, could provide some insight on three main questions:

1. What is the likely-hood of the staff trying to add another player to the 2019 class (Jordan Mitchell or another post player to add some depth come to mind as possible additions)?

2. What is the outlook for the 2020 class? I have heard almost zero news on it, and you have to scroll all the way down to the 130th ranked player (Dominiq Penn, who we should take) to find a single crystal ball submission for the good guys. 

3. Part of question 2, but something I am specifically interested in. How are we doing when it comes to recruiting Zach Loveday? He's originally from Ohio, albeit right along the border, he's very talented and has great size, making him a must get for the staff in my mind.

Thanks in advance to any who is able to provide some insight to this, it's much appreciated!

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