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Graduate of a small town school, and currently attending the greatest University in the world!


  • SPORTS MOMENT: The comeback against PSU in 2017. Had really good seats and was the craziest sports moment ever.

    Rushing the field after beating Michigan wasn't too bad either ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: I could list a hundred, so it's hard to choose
  • NFL TEAM: Cincinnati Bengals
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds

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Comment 21 Jun 2019

One of the main reasons for all those stuffed runs and no gains was Haskins inability to run as well. With JT, a minimum of one, if not two defenders would completely focus on JT, even if he didn’t have the ball. They had to, so he couldn’t burn them. This opened up more running lates for Weber and Dobbins.

But with Haskins, you often saw defenders not even consider him. They would go straight to the back, and in the rare occasion that Haskins would keep, he was slow enough that they could recover. Being able to devote another guy or two to stopping a back will lead to many more stuffed runs.

For every thing Haskins brought to our offense as a passer (and it was a ton), he hurt our offense from a running stand point. That’s why as Jake pointed out, even though Haskins was setting records all over the place, our offense in 2018 was barely better than it was in 2017.

Comment 20 Jun 2019

I think the safeties were excellent under a Schiano, but crap under Grinch. Grinch wanted to be the D coordinator, and when he wasn’t able to, his coaching went to shit. It sounds bad, but look at some of the things that happened:

-Grinch immediately left after the season to be a D coordinator at Oklahoma, he didn’t even stick around to see if he was going to be retained.

-There was a high level DB recruits that literally had to ask us to recruit him, he said Grinch never acted like he wanted to talk to him.

-You never heard players or recruits talk about how much they love Grinch, while they often said that about Schiano.

Comment 20 Jun 2019

We do have quality depth. Anymore, many quality teams don’t necessarily have huge scoring threats inside. They do have to be good rebounders and defenders, but they by no means have to score a ton. Pick and roll, dunks, and putbacks will suffice. We already have Wesson inside as a huge scoring threat. We should have good scoring from the back court. These guys just need to play good D, and rebound. They just have to be enough of a threat that the opposing team can’t completely leave them. Anything over minimal offense is just another bonus.

Comment 17 Jun 2019

I think that y’all underestimate his ability and how much he is gonna play. He’s not going to start or even be one of the first off the bench, but as long as he develops, he has a place on this team.

Comment 15 Jun 2019

I find many UC fans to be insufferable. And the same goes for Dayton fans, especially after they beat us in the tournament Craft’s senior year. Both fan bases have a ridiculously high opinion of their program anytime they become relevant.

Comment 13 Jun 2019

Agreed, but Sparty very rarely loses all their games. I’m confident in this team but I also would not be surprised to see them go 1-4 as these are some very tough matchups (I’m personally predicting 3-2 with wins agains UC, WV, and Villanova). But assuming you go 1-4 and then win against the 7 cupcakes that fill out the ooc schedule, you will need to go 12-8 or better in conference to dance. I Iove playing some challenging out of conference games, but 5 of them when you could easily lose all 5 is risky.

Comment 13 Jun 2019

And JT was a Heisman finalist that year too. One has to wonder what happens with him if Herman never leaves, Day is hired as his replacement instead of Beck/Warriner, or if he never got hurt. Just any one fin the three, let alone two.

You often see skilled position players get the award. So that narrows it down to likely being Gill or Wilson. Seeing that K.J. is above Gill, I’d say Wislon is our best chance at winning the award.

Comment 13 Jun 2019

My reasoning is that unless Day makes a change, the TE is not a major part of the offense. Guys like Mack, Victor, and Olave could reasonably be expected to put up much better numbers. The local team simply doesn’t use the TE as a consistent receiver. 

Also, if any TE is going to break out as a receiver, I believe it will be Ruckert rather than Farrel.

Comment 06 Jun 2019

Gonna take it one step further, one quick thing for each returning guy.

Andre Wesson: improve offense/see above

Kaleb Wesson: stay on the floor. See above

Kyle Young: Get a solid post move or two. He’s not going to be a double digit scorer every night, and he doesn’t need to be. However, being a threat to score when he gets the ball, especially inside, would really put more pressure on the other team.

Musa Jallow: improve shooting. He showed a flash at the end of the year. His defense and rebounding is already there. He’s maybe the most athletic guy we have. If he could develop a respectable shooting stroke, watch out for him as a break out player.

Luther Muhammad: Offense/consistency/see above.

Duane Washington: Improve on shooting/see above

Justin Ahrens: improve defense and ability to drive. We’ve saw what he can do shooting, but his defense is keeping him off the court. Also, developing the ability to drive to the hoop would help open up some shot opportunities.

Comment 05 Jun 2019

Ohhhh okay, I was under the impression that you meant no playoff, just the Rose Bowl.

Rose Bowl every year, playoff every third year... yes, I’d take that. The means we are consistently a top 10 every year, a chance for a championship every couple years. Ideally I would love more but to expect more than that is honestly in my opinion a bit too much.

Comment 05 Jun 2019

No... and here’s my reasoning. Think of a class setting, and you’re getting grades back. Most kids would be happy to see a bunch of B’s and C’s. When they get an A- (the Rose Bowl) they’re estatic. Now, you have a few kids who aren’t wanting to be valedictorians. They’re the smartest in the class, and they expect to get the best grades. They won’t accept more than the very occasional B or C. They’ll take A-‘s, and they’re pretty happy with them, but they expect more. They want A’s (Playoff and Natty’s). So they’re good with A-‘s, but not all the time, they want more.

Comment 29 May 2019

The option to go small is there, and will probably be used occasionally depending on matchups. But Diallo is an athletic 7 footer. He’ll see some playing time to help his development, but I think he can offer valuable quality minutes to this team. He’s very unpolished on the offensive end, and will likely be limited to mainly dunks and putbacks. But on defense, he’s anything but. He can play D, and he can rebound well. That’s all you need from a backup big.

Comment 29 May 2019

This team figures to be decent based on the development and play of the returning players alone. It’s the play of the new guys (Walker, Carton, Gaffney, Liddell, and Diallo) that have the ability to push this team up another level. If even two or three of them come in and play well, this team could be dangerous.