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Why Did They Flip?

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December 21, 2017 at 7:58am

Am I surprised we lost this many 5 star recruits this close to the signing period? Of course I am, but I think there is some motives behind their decisions we shouldn't be upset about. 

Brenton Cox – This one is an easy kill. He wanted to be near his friends and family.  I totally get it.  No one should ever be upset someone chooses to be closer to family.

Jackson Carmen – *Edit: Technically not a flip since he never comitted, but it feels like it* This is more of a personality fit.  He didn’t like the pressure to live up to the Orlando Pace/Hometown Hero/Hype train.  He wanted to chart his own path and decided to go to Clemson because I think his personality fits with their culture. Clemson has a loose and cocky culture that Carmen (and many 17 year olds that are God’s gift to football) likes.

Emory Jones – He committed early (summer going into his Junior year I believe) but clearly told the staff he was going to check out other schools.  The relationship probably got a little awkward for both sides and it seemed like they were playing chess with each other.  UFM didn’t want to play those games and shutdown the recruitment.  Emory probably felt and saw we have a great QB situation for 4+ years with Haskins/Burrow/Martell.  It would have been tough for playing time and he will start at UF on Day 1.  Not too upset about that either.  I don’t like sitting on a bench during a pick-up game.

Jaiden Woodbey – The only logical explanation I have for this is he was married to Ohio State, but FSU was a 22 year old blonde at the bar that thought he was cute and he couldn’t resist.  If he chose USC then no problem (see Cox above), but he chose FSU because they wined and dined him the most towards the end.  Reference the insane announcement that was 2 hours after it was scheduled.  It seems like he wants to live in the limelight. 

Final thoughts:

A 16-17 year old can put whatever they want on twitter and you can’t hold them accountable.  A recruit that doesn’t shutdown their recruitment after they are “committed” via twitter is not necessarily committed.  It just means they are leaning in that direction.  I would be interested to see the dialogue between coach and recruit when there are rumors of a flip.  Do you think any of these guys talked to the OSU staff and said, “Hey State University.com is recruiting me pretty hard and they are making me think about my commitment…can we talk about OSU some more?”

Personally I am only upset about Woodbey and Carmen leaving.  The other 2 I understand, but Carmen didn’t want the hometown pressure and Woodbey left with no really good reason. 

Anyone else have thoughts on why they flipped at the end?

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