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Comment 25 Apr 2020

Plus once you get to the 5th round these guys only have a 50-50 chance to make the roster. So GMs look for players that can be super utility type players. If KJ can prove to be an elite gunner or special teams player he will easily find a roster spot and have a better chance to show off/develop more of his WR skill set. 

Comment 29 Mar 2020

My belief is that you are not guaranteed to play at OSU if you are a 4 star player. OSU, Alabama, Clemson are probably the only 3 schools in that situation. Pretty much every other school you won’t face as much competition to earn playing time. You still have to perform but the depth and level of competition isn’t as drastic. 
My personal opinion being a 32 year old who was a D3 athlete when I was in college...If I was an 18 year old ranked 200ish nationally I would honestly take a hard look at a lower level colleges because I enjoying playing in games. Do I risk playing behind someone for 3 years or being jumped on the depth chart at OSU? Or do I pick a school like Wisconsin where I could get 2-3 years of playing time, become a leader on the field and get film out for NFL scouts?

Comment 07 Feb 2020

I think he is one 7 win season away from being fired.  Like you said, 9 wins will pretty much keep him floating because what are their other options?  I think the only option would be to hire a bright young up-and-coming coach but that has its own risks and could turn out worse than Rich Rod. 

It is so much fun to see it play out though!

Comment 22 Jan 2020

S/O to the girl who just screams "STOP" at the 8 second mark in the 2nd video.  Made me laugh

Comment 20 Jan 2020

He coached in the NFL, had success at multiple college programs, and he can pretty much provide immediate playing time at RU for any incoming transfers. There is a lot to like about RU as a potential transfer school if you are stuck behind a lot of players on the depth chart and want playing time. 

Comment 08 Nov 2019

Good on Chase for getting out in front of it before the rumors start to swirl.  The best way to handle these situations to be clear, upfront, and not avoiding it.