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Patrick Allen has narrowed his list down to a top 5

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July 1, 2014 at 3:49pm

Georgia, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Michigan and Tennessee. I'm willing to bet that's in order as well. He will take official visits to each school starting with UGA in September, before deciding on his school of choice. FSU and LSU are two schools who he still hears from a lot that has a chance to slip into his top 5 in the future, but right now those first 5 are the only ones he is focusing on for now.

I don't believe he will end up in this class. With Burrell possibly deciding this month, Daniels deciding this month, Prince looking to commit before the end of the summer, and Richmond commiting on Sept. 9th, there may not be any room for him. We'll see but right now it looks like Georgia will be getting a stud OT at the end of the year.

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