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Comment 2 hours ago
Uphill battle, Clemson seems to be the big favorite. Already visited, close to home, loves the school and called their coaching staff the best in the country. Which is fine because we're in good standing for a handful of tackles in this class. Obviously have to close on them, but Rice, Goodwin, Miller, Greene and Dewberry are all capable of playing tackle. Along with Tshabola already being on board.
Comment 3 hours ago

He was talking about Raesjon Davis, but yeah definitely not a reliable source at all. Biggins and Givler have both said that Raesjon won't be there.

Comment 5 hours ago

People have to remember that while Hamilton, Cowan and Henry are at DE right now, all three are projected to be DTs in the future. They haven't had a full off season under Marotti yet and they're all pushing DT size already. Hamilton (278), Cowan (275), Henry (275).

Bill Greene mentioned this recently, that we will need to target DE big time in the 2022 class because of the attrition we will have at DE over the next two seasons. Three guys who will kick inside and multiple who will go pro.

Comment 5 hours ago

Cooper as you said, Smith with a big year and we have a few DEs who will kick inside to DT next year. Darrion Henry and Jacolbe Cowan to name a couple are in the DE rotation but could move inside as they continue to add weight, both are true Freshman and already 270-280. 

Comment 5 hours ago

I have a feeling recruits knew this was coming. Top 100 WR Donte Thornton was set to announce at the All American game but moved his decision up a couple days ago to today. Could see more of that now. 

Comment 5 hours ago

Tuimoloau's uncle had an interview with Rivals where he talked about the pedigree Ohio State has with DEs and how it's an ideal place for any top recruit to go to and be put in a position to be successful based on individual accolades for our players. Said JTT wants to come in and have an impact immediate so depth chart is important in this decision as well. 

Comment 17 hours ago

Another piece of info, Jackson is planning on committing in January which is probably the reason why he's visiting all of these schools now on his own dime. Wants to get it over with and focus on his off season and Senior season. Will also be an early enrollee. USC is the leader for now. 

Comment 23 hours ago

Still think this will be a hard pull, as his family is from Ohio but they are Michigan fans. But yeah, he can't be in the stadium at Michigan since the B1G isn't allowing any fans, but he can see the campus and watch the game somewhere like our 2021 recruits are doing this weekend. The Big 12 allows fans so Jackson's family could have bought tickets to the Baylor-Texas game.  

Comment 24 hours ago

Very early but ones who've mentioned Ohio State often are Derrick Moore, Enai White and Earnest Cooper.

Shemar Stewart, Malick Sylla and Kenyatta Jackson have also mentioned Ohio State but hard to tell before visits happen. 

Caden Curry is being recruited as a DE/DT and BG has him in the class. 

Comment 19 Oct 2020

"Ohio State making a move with Domani Jackson" according to Biggins. He and his family had a big call today with all of our coaches. Said he has a great relationship with everyone and they're recruiting him hard. He hears from multiple Ohio State coaches every day. 

"For starters, they have a great program, known for developing DBs and getting them to the League (NFL)," Jackson said. "They're one of those schools you can call DBU (Defensive Back University) for how many defensive backs and especially corners they send to the NFL as high round draft picks. 

I love coach Day, he's a great coach and I also really like coach Jackson and coach Coombs. Like I said, they're coming hard and I definitely going to try and get out there for a game at some point this season."

He's visiting Texas this weekend and also visiting Michigan next month for their game against Wisconsin. 

Comment 19 Oct 2020
Continuing on the Raesjon Davis news, Givler also said that his family was planning on making it to the Buckeye Bash but flights were too expensive on short notice. They will still try to visit within the next two months.
Comment 18 Oct 2020

His team is on a roll this season, outscoring opponents 167-7. Against Del Valle (Caleb Burton's school), he passed for 247 yards and 2 TDs and rushed for another. 

Comment 18 Oct 2020

New name to watch at QB, Cade Klubnik out of Austin, Texas. Named Ohio State as one of the schools he's been in contact with a lot, along with Arizona State, Auburn, Clemson, LSU and North Carolina. Pretty decent list. 

Sophomore film - http://www.hudl.com/v/2CRMrf

Dynamic with his arm and legs, last week he was 13-20 passing for 220 yards and two touchdowns. He also ran for 37 yards and four scores on six carries.

Comment 18 Oct 2020
Offensively they're a hot destination for WRs. Much more so than Texas, Penn State, Tennessee, Florida and Oregon which are the other schools he named that talks to him the most.
Comment 18 Oct 2020

CJ Hicks named Domani Jackson, William Johnson and Xavier Nwankpa as three recruits he and McCullough are recruiting. 

Clemons also had an interview where he stated that he had a long talk with Hartline again this past week and Hartline let him know that they're still in the evaluation process. Said he's in no rush with his recruitment process. 

Also reminder that the 2022 updated rankings are coming out on Wednesday for 247sports. Evan Stewart was named as a recruit who's stock is rising. Hope we jump on this kid, not impressed with the schools he's talking to outside of Oklahoma. 

Comment 18 Oct 2020
Brown committed in April. I'd love to keep him as I think he'd be a great slot corner here, but with Coombs back I'll never worry about DB recruiting.
Comment 18 Oct 2020

Hayes Fawcett posted an edit of Jyaire Brown's offers and people commented asking if he was solid, he responded "time will tell." Could be something, could just be a kid enjoying the recruiting process. As always, long way to go until NSD 2022. 

Comment 17 Oct 2020

Thanks KB! 

Derrick Davis Jr. dad said that they will be at the Buckeye Bash if he doesn't have a game on Saturday. They're waiting to see when he's playing because he's had a few games cancelled already so far this season.