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Traded a few texts with Torrance Gibson...

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March 27, 2014 at 8:36pm

Asked him if the the reports of Ohio State dropping in lieu of LSU, Tennessee and others that he's visited this week was true.  His response was simple.


Common sense would seem to dictate that obviously Gibson, who has never been to Ohio State, would feel a bit more "solid" about the schools he's now visited for the first time. They are the schools who should be in front of Ohio State at this point. If they weren't, those schools should all fire their coaching staffs immediately. It's not like we're talking about Rice or SMU as the places he visited, after all. He went to Oklahoma, Auburn, LSU, Clemson, Tennessee and is now en route to Florida. These are major football programs with coaches that now how to make a kid feel like the most important recruit in the country.

Until Gibson visits Ohio State, he has to be moved into the "not likely" category. When will he visit? That's the question. He says he's unsure if it will happen this spring, and has long insisted it's more likely to happen over the summer. Ohio State has him as a top priority on their list but until and unless he visits Columbus it's kind of all a moot point. 

Gibson did reiterate to me that he hopes to get to Ohio State this spring, but he's not sure if that's a possibility.

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