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OSU 2024 Will Be As Good As the Oline Allows It to Be

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June 20, 2024 at 4:19am

In 2024 Ohio State Buckeyes Football Team is without a doubt the most talented team in the country position by position but there is one glaring "IF" The last time the football team took the field the Offensive line looked like they had taken Bowl Prep off! 

Will this Roster of not really highly recruited or regarded and IMHO underachieving Offensive Linemen be able to lead this team back to where they were 4 years ago?

The Cotton Bowl being the game everyone wants to forget, but how can we? We saw this type of inconsistent play the entire 2023 season.

Will Coach Frye live up to his 1 Million Dollar Salary? No Longer coaching inherited talent as he did in 2022. The 2024 team with exception of Alabama transfer Seth McGlothlin is Frye recruited talent. Will the busted assignments and just inconsistent play turn into a cohesive unit. The success of this team depends on it.

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