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Michigan Propaganda Continues Downward Spiral.

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February 29, 2024 at 11:59am

Yesterday, Chris Peterson (a UM writer) gave his take on OSU's self reporting violations and twisted it into something completely different. He claims that it is obvious that OSU only reported the minor violations of a bigger scaled cheating scandal that got us the great players from the portal. His despair was dripping with irony over the fact that OSU is a much better landing place than UM. Never mind that OSU has the honor to cooperate with the powers that be and owned up to mistakes while his school lies and tries to cover up theirs. It's no wonder that most of their fans think this kind of behavior is acceptable when writers in his position are willing to stoke the flames with spin that puts that behavior in a good light. He claims there is no allegations for spying which is true but is willingly to leave out Harbaugh two suspensions, the first for lying and not cooperating with investigators and the second by the school because they know they were wrong and were trying to soften the NCAA. He even put his spin that even if they did spy it made no difference. So he is lying or doesn't know much about football. Unqualified writers are forced to turn to such behavior to keep from drowning in the deep end and are willing to take their faithful down with them. Chris, I want to say he wasn't suspended over a cheesburger, Harbaugh tried his damnedest (with energy unknown to mankind) to screw UM with a clause that gets him paid even with penalties because he knows he is guilty, we landed on the moon and the world is not flat.

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