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BIG Tiebreaker Criteria

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February 20, 2024 at 1:07pm

One of biggest unknowns and potential issues will be the tiebreaker criteria that the BIG decides on. With 18 teams playing 9 conference games there will be 8 teams on each BIG team's schedule not played. Who plays who will be huge. Unless I'm mistaken the teams playing for the championship will come from the group of Oregon, Penn St, OSU, and Michigan. I think that Oregon and OSU probably have the toughest conference schedule followed by Michigan and Penn St as the weakest. Not a prediction, but all four of these teams could end up 8-1 in league play. When you add in the fact that the BIG Champ will have the luxury of a bye in the CFP initial round putting together a fair tiebreaker criterion is very important. When is this coming out?

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