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Predictions for Notre Dame the Rest of the Way

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September 24, 2023 at 4:08pm
  • As always we now turn to rooting for the team we already beat. On one hand you have strength of schedule which will benefit osu in playoff seeding or potentially sneaking in again should we fall to Michigan. There is also the obvious fact that the better Notre Dame is the better we are. 

While the game was very similar to last year I come away feeling Notre Dame is better than their 2022 version. The OL, running game, and front 7 are all just as tough if not better. However I was very impressed with Hartman who just makes 0 mistakes and takes everything you give him. Their secondary also played really tough. This is atleast a top 15 football team if not top 10.


  • Notre Dame is 4-1 with wins over NC State, CMU, Navy, and TN State. They played in week 0.
  • @Duke-A sneaky ranked matchup and ND is only about a 3 point favorite. Could be a let down game having to fly out after that devestating loss. Would hate to see them drop this one.
  • @Lousiville-The Cardinals are 4-0 and likely will be 5-0 going into this game. Another sneaky undefeated ACC for ND to deal with.
  • USC-This tough 4 game stretch ends with a top 10 team coming into south bend again. They couldn’t hang with Caleb Williams last year but the secondary seems a bit tougher. Would love to see them pull this off
  • Bye-With two byes this year it sucks how late this one is.
  • Pitt-easy tune up coming out of a bye
  • @Clemson-People will hate on them for being 2-2 but this is a very good team that took FSU to OT. Will be very competitive.
  • BYE
  • Wake
  • Stanford-end the year with two joke games. 

I think they are anywhere between 8-4 and 10-2. Best case scenario is they go 1-1 against Clemson/USC and win the rest. Still if the offense is that shaky again they could lose both big games and get upset in another. This week is super important imo, Beating Duke could be a good lead up to 10-2

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