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So... About Jim Knowles

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September 24, 2023 at 8:31am

How are we feeling today about him and his abilities as a DC? I have sat quietly and watched the man get somewhere between absolutely trashed to minimally demeaned for the last year and some change. I was just curious through 4 games in his second season and based on the results we have all seen where everyone stands on him now. I'm aware he is very much a risk/reward coach but tonight I saw some play-calls (not necessarily the plays being made) as a former college QB and thought oh shit THAT was a great call in that moment, along with the jump in the secondary (Eliano deserves a heap of praise as well. I'm aware) makes me think maybe all along when the players/other coaches discussed how complex his defense actually is maybe it wasn't just talking for the sake of it. I apologize if someone else has already made a post like this but I double checked and nothing caught my eye which seems strange (not really) because the guy gets shit on the second something bad happens but you never hear his name if the D does their job, which I'm also aware is kinda how it should be. Thoughts guys?

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