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Pete Sampson (The Athletic) Still Thinks the Buckeyes Are Soft.

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September 24, 2023 at 7:47am

From the Athletic $

Lou Holtz was right to call the Buckeyes soft, which Day confirmed himself postgame by ranting about the sports radio takes of an 86-year-old retired coach most of his players couldn’t identify. When Ohio State needed tough yardage, it ran laterally with a receiver. When it faced fourth-and-goal, it threw incomplete. For the Buckeyes to get tough on the game’s final snap, all they had to do is count and then figure out where Notre Dame was not.

 Pete Sampson has been covering the Irish for 20+ years.  He's one of the best beat writers out there.  He takes Marcus Freeman to task in this article and doesn't pull any punches.  His premise, Ohio State is who we thought they were - soft, and Marcus let them off the hook with poor game management.  Ryan Day's postgame comments don't change the narrative.

What do you think?  Will the narrative change because of the Chip's run and Day's comments, or does the evidence point the other direction, that Day's earlier play calling reveal his own lack of confidence in the the O-line's ability to get short yardage?

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