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Should McCord Get More Opportunities to Throw the Ball when He is in the Game?

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September 28, 2022 at 8:34am

Was reading an article by Stephen Means on Cleveland.com about this. When Ryan Day was asked he talked about trying to strike a balance between getting the reps in and respecting the opponent since McCord is in games when they are already decided and Ohio State is leading by a bunch.

I get the sportsmanship aspect. That is one of the things I really respect about Ryan Day. He is a class act. But ultimately his first responsibility is to ensuring Ohio State is ready for any potential injury or disruption of starters being able to play. Most people seem to agree that while practice is great it is game reps that really tell you where you stand, even if it is against backups. I know we have to trust that Day and the staff are doing the right thing and McCord is ready if needed but curious as to the take of all of you. Do you feel that McCord needs more opportunities to throw the ball when he is in the game, especially where if he makes a mistake it is not going to be a game altering mistake?

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