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Born and raised in Lorain, Buckeye fan since I can first recall watching a game on TV and that was 1965. Favorite Buckeye moment - getting Woody Hayes' autograph as a kid. Suffering in the hell hole known as PSU country but love sticking it to the fans here. Have made attending the Spring Game a tradition with my two grown sons.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching all of my children compete in whatever they chose to do.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Archie Griffin, not even close
  • NFL TEAM: Cleveland Browns
  • NHL TEAM: Pittsburgh Penguins (sorry, wife from Pittsburgh)
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavaliers
  • MLB TEAM: Cleveland Indians

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Comment 06 Apr 2020
Basketball is very different from football. The lower tier teams get quality players, often better than the bottom half of the Power 5 conferences. Take a look at how Bucknell has done in the NCAAs. They have beaten some good teams and really pushed others right to the end.
Comment 05 Apr 2020
Need to put the brakes on this thinking a bit. Remember he was suspended for a game this year and Holtmann indicated it was more about just the one game. It may simply be a clashing of what a player wants to do versus what the coaching staff is asking them to do.
Comment 05 Apr 2020
The issue is knowing now and being able to course correct or this summer when it is too late. They are still kids/young adults. Most will do what they are supposed to, some will slack. They pay the price when it is discovered but so does the team.
Comment 05 Apr 2020
I have a better bridge for sale. It is located a few miles southeast of San Francisco. Place called Death Valley. But the one in California, not South Carolina.
Comment 28 Mar 2020
Well, the pressure is now on this entire coaching staff to turn these recruiting classes into national champions. Knowing that there is always an element of luck in staying away from key injuries as well as recruits living up to their rankings it feels like anything less than one national championship and 2 other appearances in the CFP over the next 4 years would be a disappointment.
Comment 27 Mar 2020

Yes they are and yes, it is terribly sad.  But people have to have hope about a return to normalcy.  I know from my parents that people had these same types of conversations during the Depression and WWII and those lasted years not months. 

Comment 27 Mar 2020

All we have to go right now is the experiences of other countries that got hit before we did. Of course there are so many variables as to how each country responded and its impact on managing the virus that even that is iffy as a template for where we will be.  On a purely personal perspective I think we are looking at the last of the major hot spots in the country hitting their peak in mid May.  The question will be how the slope looks on the other side.  I think the best anyone can hope for is that by August the last of the shutdowns are over and as a country we are back to where we were in terms of going where we want to go, being in groups, etc.  That still makes a football season possible.  You could even eliminate the non-conference part of the schedule (too bad SEC that you will then have to play a conference game in the weekend before the last weekend of the regular season)