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Born and raised in Lorain, Buckeye fan since I can first recall watching a game on TV and that was 1965. Favorite Buckeye moment - getting Woody Hayes' autograph as a kid. Suffering in the hell hole known as PSU country but love sticking it to the fans here. Have made attending the Spring Game a tradition with my two grown sons.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching all of my children compete in whatever they chose to do.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Archie Griffin, not even close
  • NFL TEAM: Cleveland Browns
  • NHL TEAM: Pittsburgh Penguins (sorry, wife from Pittsburgh)
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavaliers
  • MLB TEAM: Cleveland Indians

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Comment 14 hours ago
Fields right now is nothing more than promise and rating. I hope and pray he will be everything the Buckeye coaches and fans are expecting but right now we have to trust that the gamble was worth. Say what you will about other qb transfers but Oklahoma knew what they were getting in Mayfield and now Hurts. Ttun knew what they had in Patterson. Wisconsin knew what they were getting with Wilson. Fields does not fit that knowledge model but here is hoping it turns out to be the same.
Comment 21 hours ago
The change is 2 hours of driving time from where he currently is. It is not going from having to fly to being able to drive and he is still 2 hours away. I think he should have been granted the waiver, especially how they have been giving them out like candy at Halloween but I can also see why someone might look at it and say his situation really did not change. But it is the NCAA so trying to associate any level of considered sensibility to their decisions is a complete waste of time.
Comment 23 Apr 2019
I know he has been with the program only 3 months and he did not play much at Georgia, etc. but I am not sold yet on Fields. Hope I am wrong but he struggled to find passing lanes and got several knocked down at the line. There is going to need to have alot of work done between now and fall to make him a passer.
Comment 22 Apr 2019

Not arguing for or against your sentiments but it is fascinating to me to see the different perspectives on the same situation and who places emphasis on what aspects.  For the crowd that wanted to see primarily Ohio kids playing at Ohio State and the beating of ttun every year there is no doubt that Tressel is the gold standard for that.  As to winning national championships it has to be Woody but it was also a very different era and very subjective in determining those championships. We remember Tressel for both winning that natty but also for underperforming against Florida (and not sure how to look at the LSU loss as both teams backed into that championship).  Just like Tressel, Meyer won his Ohio State natty in his second year but also had the beat down against Clemson and really inexcusable losses against Iowa and Purdue. 

For all of that I would argue that there is only one program that could say they have had it better than Ohio State in the last 20 years - Alabama. Clemson has had it the last 5 years but before that they were not cracking the top 15 most years.  LSU also had two titles in that time frame as did Florida but Florida became a mess after Meyer left and LSU has never made the playoffs except in the two years they won it (Bama had a lot to do with that).   I will take that run every day.

Comment 22 Apr 2019

I give Fickell a pass as there was a lot more going on besides the talent he had to work with. I also think with Tressel he needed a year to really re-shape the program.

Comment 20 Apr 2019
Not a fan of trying to rewrite history. Too many assumptions that could never be proven, too many things that happened that still may or may not have happened. Same for things that did not happen but might have under different circumstances.
Comment 19 Apr 2019
But why did it take until after the spring game to come to this conclusion? Not faulting him but the timing is interesting. Part of it may be him realizing that his game will not become a starter at a top 25 program or it just is not the right fit and there are plenty of options in Texas to be part of a Power 5 good program or strong Group of 5 and still be close to home. Nothing wrong with that.
Comment 18 Apr 2019
He says he is transferring because he more than just a football player. By that statement it should not matter much to him if he is the starter or the backup. If his statement is true what was Ohio State not providing him away from the sport?
Comment 17 Apr 2019
Agree. Day needs to do it his way. Take elements of what Meyer did, what other successful coaches have done, and bring some of his thoughts and creativity to the program. All great coaches build on others shoulders but they never become a duplicate.
Comment 17 Apr 2019
Too early to say he hurt himself. He came through this year with no injuries. What if next year he got seriously hurt? Next year he would also likely be going up against Tua, Hurts, and others that, if he did not have as good of season as this past year may have seen him fall out of the first round whereas he is still likely to go in the top half of the first round. There is nothing certain as to what good or bad would have happened next year anymore than what will happen this year.
Comment 16 Apr 2019

But that was after Miller went down with his injury and it was clear they did not have time to adjust the offense for a qb that was primarily a thrower.  Yes, it worked out later in the year but that was after they knew that Jones was their backup and not the 3rd string qb and so I am sure they made adjustments throughout the season in practices in the event Cardale had to become the primary qb.

Comment 15 Apr 2019

We have attended the last 5 years and always look to take in another event.  Couple of years ago they have lacrosse against ttun and that was great for the lacrosse team to play in front of a massive crowd and for the people attending to have two things going on.  Last year the men's volleyball played later that evening and they were really good last year plus they played in St. John's.  Like you said this year they had the baseball game (which, if you had your ticket from the Spring Game, general admission cost a dollar so we took in several innings plus that gave traffic time to clear.  Women's lacrosse was playing and women's softball was playing ttun and gave that team its first conference loss.

Was wondering if there were a bunch of non-college schools on spring break either for the week coming up or last week with Easter being so late in the year.  Spring Game tends to be a good time for families to attend.