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We Need to Get to 20 Teams

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July 1, 2022 at 12:03pm

IMHO, 20 teams is what we need to get to.  That would allow us to split the 20 teams into 4 pods of 5 teams each.  You put the most important rivalry games in the same pod and try to balance them for strength.  So, OSU and Meatchicken would be in the same pod, USC and UCLA, etc.. .  Then each pod rotates playing a different pod each season.  This would mean that any given team would have played all the other teams in a three year period and teams in its own pod every year.  Additionally, this would set up 9 conference games for each team a year and 3 OOC games.  The winner each of the two pod vs pod match ups would then face off in a CCG.  The added benefit is that the two regular season champions would not have faced each other in the CCG. 

If we then expanded to 24 teams, it would mean 4 pods of 6, 11 Conference games.

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