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Who Do You Want the B1G to Add Next?

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June 30, 2022 at 2:37pm

With the B1G likely adding USC and UCLA to get to 16 the conference is set up financially to be able to get whoever the hell they want. The Pac12 will be broke and every ACC school will be doing everything they can to jump to B1G or SEC. everybody will likely be scared these two conferences decide to leave the rest behind and form their own league separate from the NCAA. So who would you like to see added assuming those two are in? Here are some likely options:

  • Nobody-16 is a lot and the original Midwest conference identity is being washed away.
  • Pac12 options-Oregon and Washington would be next up. This would give the conference a true west coast identity and USC/UCLA wouldn’t feel so isolated. After that Colorado/Utah/Arizona would be potential candidates.
  • Big12 option-Kansas is an elite basketball school and would push the footprint further west while still being a Midwest school. Football could probably improve big time in a super conference.
  • Notre Dame-fearing being left out now may be the time to push the issue with ND. No shot they would choose the ACC over the B1G now.
  • ACC-North Carolina and Virginia would probably make the most sense. East coast schools that are flag ship and both have great basketball. Solidifies the east coast. 

I would say I for sure want Oregon and Washington. It would feel silly to have only two Pac12 schools. Those are both really good programs and the conference will then own the entire coast. Then from 18 I think going to 20 makes sense. First force ND to get in while they still can and then pair them with either North Carolina or Kansas. A nice round 20. 


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