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Ohio St Football 1998 Season

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June 13, 2022 at 9:34pm

I was born 1993 so I didn't watch the ohio st football 1998 season live. My question is, was ohio st robbed of a national championship opportunity? I have seen and herd all about the mich st loss. But should ohio st have played Tennessee for the championship anyway? Fsu who played Tennessee had 1 more ranked win on the season then ohio st but also had a loss. That 1 loss was to NC st 24 to 7. Ran off the feild by a 7-5 team. Ohio st blew a lead to sparty. The other team in contention was Kansas st, beat 3 ranked teams on the season. To me their schedule didn't stack up to ohio st and kst lost to a&m in conference championship. I don't know who big 12 pays off for their teams to lose a conference championship and not drop in the polls. Kst remained #3 ahead of ohio st after a&m loss. But why was fsu selected to play Tennessee instead of ohio st? Maybe some of u buckeye fans can tell me but I just can't understand why. Kst lossed to Purdue in their bowl game and ohio st bear a&m in the sugar bowl. Tennessee went on to beat fsu for championship. I know I can't help but think what if ohio st with a healthy Dobbins plays lsu in 2019. I'll ask the older buckeye fans, what if ohio st played Tennessee in 1998?

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